11 Awesome Gifts for Father’s Day He Will Love

George Herbert famously said, “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” The third Sunday of June every year, celebrates fathers all over the world in their honor and for their contribution as a parent in their children’s lives.

Father’s Day is a special occasion that originated in the US in the year 1910 to recognize all those fathers who make a difference.

What better way to show your dad your love for him than to buy him the best father’s day gift? Here are some excellent ideas for father’s day celebration.

What Unique Father’s Day Gifts to Buy?

Buying gifts for dad can be quite daunting yet pleasurable since you are buying for your father who loves you no matter what. It is important to understand and accept to what kind of a person he is and what he likes. Let’s say your dad is suave, check out these cool gifts for Dads:

  1. A traditional watch: There are so many brands coming out with innovative designs, yet the charm of a classic analog watch is never out of style.
  2. Classic sunglasses: The best accessory to go with his otherwise stylish self is a cool pair of summer shaded that he will proudly show off.
  3. Cologne: Choose the scent that he favors most (ask mom!) and keep it uncomplicated. This is always a sure hit.
  4. A very fancy shaving kit: Yes, he has a shaving kit, but does he have a ‘fancy’ one? Look out for kits and sets that come all necessary accessories like shaving brush with natural bristles or a super awesome smelling aftershave.
  5. Spa day packages: This is probably the best gift you could give your hard working dad. You can enquire about packages that range from a couple of hours to a whole day!

Father’s Day 2017 Gifts for the Technologically Challenged

The best gift for your dad will be to introduce him to some of the coolest techs out there:

  1. Virtual reality: Goggles, headset, and video games are all excellent choices that will make him shriek with joy.
  2. Smartwatch: these are simple to operate and full of features. He’ll probably forget you for a few hours fiddling with this!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Intellectual

Book lover?

  1. First edition of his favorite book
  2. The next best thing: A cozy wearable blanket that he can curl up with while reading

Father’s Day Ideas for the Adventure Bugs

There are so many options here that you can try, two unique ones are:

  1. A starter beer brewing kit: How fun would this be? His very own brewery!
  2. Hike trip: A perfect time to spend with each other or as a family. You will never go wrong with this!

Father’s Day presents are a way to express your gratitude towards them for being great fathers. They show appreciation to their role as a parent. Let’s come together and honor these dads who gave and continue to give so much to their families.

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