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Adding Value to Homes with Blinds from Modern Shade Solutions

Modern Shade Solutions is a leading supplier of awnings, outdoor blinds and shades sails in Western Australia. We have a wide array of products to choose from. Residential and commercial enterprises can largely benefit from our offerings.

What Products Are Available In The Market?

Outdoor shades are far more beneficial than the aesthetic appeal that they offer. They provide energy efficiency and protect outdoor furnishings from fading. They also prevent sunlight and heat penetration to the interiors, thereby keeping the insides cooler.

They also offer protection from rain, snow and other adverse weather conditions.

The products that are commonly used as outdoor shade solutions are given below:

  • Awnings

An awning is an overhang or covering that is fitted to the outside wall of a building. It is a stretched canvas woven from acrylic, cotton or polyester fiber, and rests on a frame. In places with heavy snowfall or winds, where canvas cannot be used, aluminum sheets also serve the purpose.

Awnings are used extensively in restaurants with outdoor seating arrangements. Retractable awnings that can be folded for a period of time are also available in the market today.

  • Pros 

Awning canopies protect owners from the harmful radiations of the sun. These can also be installed outside a window or a glass door, and the insides would be relatively cooler than usual. Reduction in air-conditioning (heating or cooling) costs is an added benefit.

Modern Shade Solutions have an extensive range of awnings in their product list. Our range of folding arm awnings is attractive fittings in any home. Homeowners and commercial establishments have hugely benefitted from the top quality and ease of use of our products.

  • Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds or solar shades are used to protect sunrooms or patios from heat, glare, and harmful solar radiations. These are available in the market, in multiple designs and materials. Some commonly seen outdoor blinds are,

  • Roof to Fence Blinds – These are outdoor blinds that cover the area that is exposed to the sun, between the building and the fence. These are completely retractable and are available in a range of colors. These protect the patio area and outdoor furniture from heat and light.
  • Heavy Duty Channel Blinds – These are the most durable and secure blinds for outdoor use. These provide maximum protection from the weather, be it heavy winds, rain or the scorching sun. Available in a variety of colors, these can be fitted to suit any decor.
  • Zip Track Blinds – These outdoor blinds are the easiest to install and maintain. Residential properties and commercial establishments would highly benefit from the ease of use.

We have all these outdoor blind products and much more in our catalog. We provide complete support in installation and answering customer queries regarding our offerings.

  • Shades Sails

With an appearance like the sail of a ship, this is a device used to provide shade outdoors. A membrane is fitted between certain points, and the area that falls under this structure is protected from the sun. The shade fabric is enhanced with UV inhibitors and even comes with UV degradation warranty.

These are tricky to install, as the membrane requires an exact tension to prevent it from flapping around in the wind.

We provide excellent shades sails with a ten-year warranty on the fabric. The sail poles and fabrics can also be customized to your needs.

Modern Shade Solutions – Customer Service

We are involved in end-to-end activities like manufacturing, supplying and installation of shade products. Our customer service is overall rated highly satisfactory. The glowing user testimonials indicate that we are always open to queries and have a quick turnaround in resolving maintenance issues of our products.

Cost of Installation of the shades

The exact cost of installation varies based on the customization requested by you. Overall, we install shades at reasonable costs that will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket!

Alternative Solution Providers in the Same Geography

There are competitors who provide such shades in Perth and Regional Western Australia. But the vast array of products, quality of fittings, reliable service and pocket-friendly quotes that Modern Shade Solutions offers have propelled our company to being one of the best in the industry.


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Aakshey’s iPhone 6s Plus Review (Content Strategi)

Apple iPhone 6s Plus – The Most Powerful iPhone Yet!

You got what you were asking for. A true Apple iPhone 6 Plus successor. Presenting to you the new Apple iPhone 6s Plus. This is as good as it gets in iLand. Not convinced? Just give me 3 minutes of your time…

Everything has changed. But. Both the chassis and the 5.5″ screen size remains unchanged.

There is a saying in my family – “Go big, or go home.” And Apple has delivered.

The 5.5-inch screen is currently the biggest screen size on an iPhone. And as a cherry on the pudding, it also comes with a much longer battery life. Two of the most coveted features for prospective iPhone 6s+ buyers.

Similar Yet Different

You know Apple. Come on, all of us do. With their ‘s’ variants they rarely change much externally.


Apple always ensures that these variants of the iPhone are at least 2-3x as fast in processing speed. And often with twice the amount of RAM.

And Apple has once again delivered. And in spades. The Apple iPhone 6s Plus even leaves the iPad Air 2 lagging behind when it comes to raw computing power.

Although the chassis remains unchanged, the user experience has been improved. One of the prime examples is the addition of the new 3D Touch Technology which works with applied pressure.

How The Apple iPhone 6s Plus Makes Your Life Easier

  1. With the innovative 3D Touch technology and a pressure-sensitive display.
  2. You can now bring up a dropdown menu by just double clicking the screen with your thumb.
  3. You’ll no longer miss your iPad Mini. As the 5.5-inch screen puts that desire to rest.
  4. Blur-free photos made possible by the new Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology.
  5. Enhanced vibrancy and images thanks to Live Photos.
  6. 4K video recording and playback.

All Isn’t Hunky Dory In Your iWorld

If you have got small hands, buying this phone is a recipe for disaster. However, for many of us, it is indeed a God send for the exact same reason. You guessed it – the 5.5″ screen size.

Although the 3D Touch is cool and nice to have, unfortunately, not many third party applications support it yet.

Why Should You Upgrade To This iPhone When You Have Already Got An iPhone 6+?

One of my friends, Ajit, was asking this to me the other day. He said, “Aakshey, I know the new iPhone is cool and like, super-fast. But. Why the hell should I buy this shit?!”

So now I’ll answer that same “WHY” for you as well:

  • This shit gives you a super resolution Retina HD display that results in awesome photo clarity.
  • No other iPhone yet is even half as fast. Seriously.
  • You love your GF? Want to talk to her all night? This phone has an extended battery life that extends the talk time up to 24 hours. Damn it!
  • And of course, the amazing 3D Touch is the biggest time saver ever!

“Seriously, Is There Not A Single Reason Why I Should Not Buy It?”, asked Ajit.

Off the top of my head:

  • It isn’t dust-proof.
  • It isn’t water resistant.
  • It isn’t a symbol of being geeky!


If you’re in debt, I’d advise you caution.

Otherwise, you got it!

Wait A Minute Aakshey. Would You Recommend It To Your Grand Mom?

Yeah, buddy. I would. And I am trying in-fact.

Now, if you’re into Android, you may want to skip the Apple iPhone 6s Plus.


Trust me, this is the best Apple phone yet!


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