DeepDream Algorithms and How they Changed the World (Rank Princess – SEO)

DeepDream formed by Google is described by Wikipedia as a “convolutional neural network to discover and improve patterns in images via algorithmic pareidolia, thus generating a dreamlike hallucinogenic manifestation in the intentionally over-processed images”.

The transformation of pictures into a dreamlike image only with the use of certain algorithms has marked the next stage of evolution in not only photography and photo editing, but also technology and human genius.

The artificial neural network created by Google, known as DeepDream, to interpret imagery is not only intriguing because of its beauty but also the ingenuity of the entire idea.

How It Works:

The algorithm was initially designed to notice the edges in the images and to state what the object in the image is, such as “This is a tiger”, or “That is a bone”. It was observed that the same neural network could be used by the algorithms to process its own images, instead of the actual object in the image.

For example, if the algorithm has processed a pigeon in an image by the recognition of certain edges and angles, it will continue to process and enhance them in a manner that you can observe the pigeon in the image, even if there isn’t one present there. The DeepDream algorithm achieves this through continuous processing of the object and transforming it into a dreamlike embodiment.

Why is it so desired?

The general masses seem to be intrigued by this new development, by Google. The basic reason for such a predicament is that the images thus generated by the DeepDream process are looked at as a form of art. These images are:

1. Beautiful: Any object of beauty recognised by an individual is bound to attract some attention.

2. Out-of-the-box: The idea itself, of a dreamlike image, is something very few could have imagined. To be able to use it for individual purposes is unique and the desire to do so is almost compelling.

3. Abstract: Modern art gains its fan following due to its abstract approach and subjective interpretation. Similar is the condition with DeepDream imagery.

4. Wanted: Last, but not the least, a thing of beauty or originality cannot be made popular without advertisement or public following and support. This new technology has gained the support of the crowds from the beginning and has thus become such a hot commodity in the market.

All of these above reasons have had some major role to play in the increase in the number of users for the DeepDream algorithm program. The dreamlike images produced by it have had a significant impact on people globally.

The Science Behind it:

The artificial neural network is trained by the software engineers to recognise as well as adjust certain angles and edges in the images. Around 10-30 layers of artificial neurons are stacked together for the programming to commence. These neurons are fed millions of images and shown how to adjust the parameters to suit that of the user’s choices. Each image is fed into the input layer, which then feeds it to the next, till the desired output is attained.

The entire designing process is a long and complicated one, yet the results are outstanding and worth all the effort that is put in.

The actual level of enhancement and the amount of complexity in the images generated depends upon the layer the engineers choose to enhance it on. The network is also able to choose on its own, the layer of output or the level of enhancement. Any image thus generated is completely the computer’s own artwork, made possible by the hard work of certain software engineers. 

DeepDream algorithm has marked the next age of imagery and computer intelligence developed and enhanced by human beings.

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Looking Deep Into The Neural Network (Rank Princess – SEO)

A while back, an intriguing photograph made an appearance on Reddit which showed a grotesque mutant: a shimmering, hydra-headed, slug-like being covered with liquefying animal faces.

Soon enough, the true origin of the image surfaced, in the form of a blog post made by a research team from Google. It turned out that the otherworldly picture was indeed, inhuman. It was the result of an artificial neural network (a computer brain) with an ability to recognise images.

Even the media picked up on the story, with reports in the Tech Times and PBS

Is there any connection between the psychedelic visuals of these pictures and Google’s neural network which created these images, and what do our brains do when faced with psychedelics?

Computers designed to mimic the human brain are known as Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). They have been around since the early part of the 50s, but have made amazing progress in image recognition over the last few years.

The networks are composed of “neurons” that are software-based, which can communicate

They alter the strength of their connections in order to reflect the results of their calculations, similar to real neurons. What makes ANNs special is this adaptability. It provides them with an ability to learn.

The neural networks learn in a manner similar to children, by observing and imbibing the knowledge of the world around them. Usually, this data is put by people directly into the system.

For a neural network that is designed to recognise images, if it sees a hundred photos of cats, it shall begin to identify a cat on its own. The more photos of cats that it sees, the more efficient it will become. Should the network see a photograph of a cat-shaped thing, then a particular neuron in the network’s topmost layer will become distinctly activated, and the network will throw out the result: cat.

With such skills, ANNs have become vital for identifying faces and features in imagery, the sort of thing that the photo service from Google takes benefit of to create automatedfilms and albums.

The type of neural network used by Google is the convolutional neural network

This is what was used to create these odd images. It is composed of layers of neurons which send messages up through a command chain, understanding information with more features and abstraction as it goes upward, which means that each layer focuses only on one small task at a time.

As the network is self-teaching, what goes on exactly within each of those layers is still mostly a mystery. Google does not know which the exact pathways are that the information is moving through. It does not even fully know how the labour is divided and shared between the layers.

The experiment by Google was undertaken to split open these layers and observe what was happening inside

After examining the results, the researchers could quantify the accuracy of the machine’s knowledge.

The results were always not exactly on point. An example being, each image that was produced for “dumbbell” showed not just a metallic weight but also showed the muscular arm holding on to it. This gave an important insight: the computer had in most likelihood only ever seen a dumbbell which had an arm attached.

The complexity of the brain is such that artificial neural networks cannot be easily compared to it. People, for thousands of years, have turned their minds inside out with hallucinogenic substances, trying to get a clearer look at what we have learnt and what we still have to learn. The artificial brains from Google are a reminder that there is still plenty of research left to be done.

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Fashion Trends you need to Know This Winter!

As the Starks warned us time and again, winter is coming, and autumn is here. We are desperately trying to stock our wardrobes with the latest trends. Feeling clueless? Clueless about what to buy?

Help is here! I present to you top 12 autumn/winter trends of 2016.

1. Animal Prints

Bring out your wild side. Put on those furs. And go out on a prowl.

Animal prints were a big hit on runways this year, ranging from jackets to dresses to fur coats. There was particular emphasis on leopard prints.

2. Get your Combat Mode on

Military styles are back. Military jackets are cropping up in almost every fashion week. You can also opt for military sweaters which are dirty green.

Edge up your look with combat boots.

3. Velvet Smooth

Velvet is a going to be a big trend this year. The dark fabric was used extensively on runways.

There were velvet gowns, jackets, and even three piece suits.

You can’t go wrong with velvet in your wardrobe

4. Puffa Jackets

Oversized puffa jackets are the next big thing. Whether you are a guy or a girl you need to have this as a part of your repertoire.

With the weather taking a chilly turn, these jackets are practical.

Go for clothes in shocking colours.

5. Pink & Purple

Everything ranging from baby pink through magenta, to purple and mauve is in vogue!

Embrace these colours.

Wear them from head to toe. Or add a single piece of this colour. But you need to have something belonging to this colour palette.

6. Not a Fan of Pink?

Don’t worry. Midnight blue and hot reds are in too.

Give your outfit a regal look with a velvet midnight blue jacket. Or rock a party look with a sexy red dress.

7. Get Sporty

It’s time you stop wearing sweatshirts only to the gym.

Team sweatshirts with leather pants or flowy skirts. Even sporty sweaters would work.

You can also go for a jumpsuit on the same lines.

8. Bling it Out

Loads of weddings usually accompany winter. Consider this trend as a boon. Because bling is here.

Shiny brocades, sequined gowns, rhinestone, covered dresses, all this is super trendy this winter.

9. Puff up

The eighties trend is not going away. Puff sleeves are here to stay.

You can find jackets and blazers with puff sleeves everywhere. You can also opt for a leg of mutton sleeves to give it a twist.

10. Check this Out

This season, go for checks. Prince Wales checks and tartan checks are ideal.

Get trendy at the office by wearing a checkered dress.

Or become a part of winter fashion by only wearing check pants.

11. One Shoulder Ruffles

A rather strange trend, these were seen primarily in the eighties.

They comprise of one shoulder draped with ruffles. You can have a dress, a gown or a top with this style.

It may not be the most practical style for the winters, but it sure is the hottest.

12. Chunky Earrings

This autumn, bring life to your outfit by combining them with large chunky earrings. Ditch neckpieces and bracelets.

Let the earrings be the primary focus of your outfit.

PS: Take hints from Deepika Padukone.

13. Biker Chic

The biker jacket trend continues. There are tonnes of variants out there. Try each and every flavour.

Leather jackets with knitted sleeves or jackets with floral patches or fur collars. They all look super fresh and amazing!

At the end of all this, comfort is the key. Wear what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel good. Setting fashion trends of your own is ok.

Go ahead! Happy shopping!

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Diwali Jewelry Trends – The Must Haves of the Season

The much-awaited festival of lights and happiness, Diwali, calls for decking up and looking beautiful. As the ambience lights up, so should your attire and jewelry.

Check out the fabulous Diwali jewelry trends to make sure you look like a diva as the lights sparkle all around.

Why Must You Know The Diwali Jewelry Trends?

Diwali is a very ethnic festival. With all the ‘diyas’ and candles lit all around and people wandering about in ethnic wear, choosing the right kind of jewelry is necessary.

Dressing up in heavy ethnic lehengas or sarees, and celebrating the festival of lights, is something Indians love to do, and to complement elegant dresses, perfect jewelry is a must.

Diwali jewelry trends are something all Indian women follow. To look beautiful on an auspicious occasion is something all women want. Knowing jewelry trends makes it easier.

The Trends That You Need To Know

  • As already known by all, Diwali is an Indian festival. The best way to blend in with the spirit of Diwali is to go ethnic.
  • The moment you think ethnic, the Diwali jewelry trends turn to thick and gorgeous neckpieces and earrings.
  • To match your ethnic wear, you must have sets of gold, diamonds, Polki and Kundan. These are usually in fashion, especially for the Diwali collection.

Old Is Gold – Gold In Diwali

Indeed, old is gold. And never the other way round. The old style, of pairing up your sarees and suits with gold jewelry, is back in vogue. Or maybe, the trend never went out of style.

Diwali is also the time of Dhanteras when people make it a point to buy gold jewelry. If you want to buy gold during Diwali, try to go for some elegant looking pieces. Chandelier earrings made of gold and heavy necklaces made of solid gold go very well with sarees flaunting bold and dark designs.

Gold jewelry displaying traditional designs or godly figures also fall under Diwali jewelry trends. Gold can be paired up very well with sarees having low-cut blouses.

Kundan Jewelry & New Diwali Jewelry Trends

Kundan seems to be a new jewelry trend for Diwali. However, let me remind you that the history of Kundan goes way back. It has been in use for decades and only recently has it escalated up the fashion ladder, capturing hearts.

Kundan is perfect for a Diwali look. It exudes ethnicity. The stones or kundans are polished to get the perfect lustre that adds more gorgeousness to your look.

Kundan neckpieces and earrings are thick pieces which should blend in perfectly with heavily embroidered lehengas. The shine and extravagance of Kundan are what make it one of the new Diwali jewelry trends.

Polki jewelry

Polki jewelry is quite similar to Kundan except that it has a Mughal origin while kundans have a Rajasthani origin. Chandelier earrings featuring Polki stones go well with both sarees and lehengas.

Sparkle All The Way – Diamonds

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. And diamond can never miss the list of any jewelry trend. Diamond Hogs one of the places in Diwali jewelry trends as well.

Sleek designs combining gold and diamonds create a minimalistic look. You can try this if you are putting on simple ethnic wear with light embroidery.

Diamonds are pricey, but they create an elegant look even with a small presence. This is one of the Diwali jewelry trends you can try.

Maang Tikkas

In case you’re going for a heavy ethnic dress with extensive embroidery, try pairing it with a maang tikka. Usually worn with lehengas, a maang tikka can be paired up with sarees as well.

This headgear is one of the Diwali jewelry trends that brings out the ethnic look and adds a finishing touch to your Diwali attire.

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Unblinding With Technology – Five Amazing Gadgets for Visually Impaired

There are various reasons for a person to turn blind, from age, accidents to diseases and strokes. Thanks to the massive renaissance in science and technology, there are many gadgets available for the blind, to help them ease their daily chores and live their lives normally.

The core functionality of our body is to live and enjoy through our five senses. These are ears to hear, tongue to taste, nose to smell, nerves to feel touch/pressure and eyes for sight. But not all are fortunate to have all five senses intact.

Loss of sight or blindness is a condition in which a person’s view becomes partially or completely damaged and cannot be corrected by wearing spectacles. There are various reasons for a person to turn blind, from age, accidents to diseases and strokes. Thanks to the massive renaissance in science and technology, there are many gadgets available for the blind, to help them ease their daily chores and live their lives normally. With these gadgets, blindness will no longer hinder them from pursuing their dreams.

Here is a list of devices designed specifically to ease the visually impaired:

1. Sensor Embedded Sticks

Walking on streets is not easy for blind people. They use a stick to make sound by tapping as they walk to get an idea of the terrain on which they are walking. But now we have i-sticks. These sticks are built with lenses at the end that convert the images received into electronic signals. The stick vibrates, alerting the blind people when are near uneven terrain such potholes or staircase.

2. Color Sensors With Sound

Vision impairment doesn’t mean you leave your style. This is a colour reader that detects the colour underneath it and then translates them into voice signals. It might not be very helpful for people who are blind since birth, but others who have suffered a loss at a later stage can benefit a lot.

3. Sign Convertors

A major problem with deaf and blind people is the communication barrier between them and the rest of the world. Not many people know sign language, and the gestures can vary from region to region. This could lead to a whole lot of miscommunication. This gadget has a dual functionality wherein it converts gestures to voice, and voice signals to speech. You can even select a language of your choice for easier communication. The device is light in weight and worn as a pendant.

 4. E-Braille

Visually impaired people read through braille script, in which letters are embossed in dotted rectangular blocks. It was printed on paper, but now we have ibrailler tablets. This is not as advanced as an actual tablet but lets the user type, edit, read or surf the internet. The user only needs to place their eight or ten fingers, and a voice over integration will help them guide to apps or use other functionalities. It is now available on mobile too.

 5. Artificial eyes

A concept which became the plot of ‘Blind Dating,’ 2006, is now actually reality. The visual prosthesis is a complicated and slightly expensive procedure but helps the blind see the world again. The patient is required to go through a surgery where a device is inserted in their retina. This device gets activated when the accompanying glasses are worn. These glasses have the camera built in them. When turned on, the patient sees the object in front of them in the contrast of light and darkness. Research is being conducted to enhance the quality and provide coloured imagery to the user.

Apart from these, there are magnetic cups, a sensor built shoes, blind watches and even flash cards to help the blind feel as normal as they can in their day to day life.

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Seven Inventions to revolutionise the Lives of the Visually Impaired

The world of technology is dynamic and always moving forward. However, humanity has always ensured that those who find it hard to move along with us, are not left behind. The following list is a glaring example of that. Here are seven inventions which hope to help people with blindness lead healthy lives.

1. See Stick

See stick is essentially a walking stick with a few enhancements. These improvements have made an already useful tool more intelligent.

See Stick is equipped with several sensors that analyse the environment around it and send vibrations to its handle accordingly. This gadget is capable of warning the user against possible threats while commuting.

2. Lechal Shoes

People with blindness usually rely on voice commands from their GPS device to walk through the city. Lechal Shoes takes this idea a ‘step’ forward.

These shoes connect to your mobile phone using Bluetooth and come with vibration motors in the soles which would guide the user about the directions he should take by buzzing the right/left foot accordingly.

3. Bionic Eye

Bionic Eye is a high-tech piece of technology that enables people with Pigmentose Blindness to see the world.

This is achieved through a camera in the glasses which would be worn by the user, and a tiny device placed on the retinas of the user.

These two components capture a digital image and convert it into signals that the brain can process.

4. B- Touch Mobile Device Concept

This soon-to-be-reality concept device will be able to assist people with visual imparity to carry out regular tasks such making phone calls, reading books, etc.

This all-in-one device uses Braille, voice processing and visual reading technologies to perform the tasks mentioned above.

5. Braun Bell Mug

This mug was designed to prevent the burns caused by over-filling hot drinks into the mug.

This convenient piece of technology works by incorporating several sensors which vibrate and beep according to the level of liquid poured into the cup.

6.Feel-The-Time Watch

Individuals with blindness are dependent on either audio clocks or strangers to know the time. This watch aims to change that. It has two concentric circles with a tiny nub at each, which moves according to the time.

It allows the user to know the time by merely feeling the nudges on the dial of the watch, thus saving time and inconvenience in the process.

7. Braille E-Book

The trouble with braille books is that they are way bulkier and more expensive than conventional books. This makes it tough to carry more than one book at a time.

Braille e-book is exactly how it sounds. It can dynamically change the pattern and the texture of the braille letters on the screen, and also store a tonne of books.

Advancement in technology is continuously improving the quality of life for all of us, including the physically challenged. So we wouldn’t be wrong if we said that in the future, the difference in the quality of life of the specially abled and the rest would be minimised to almost zero.

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Online Assessment is your New Mantra to Success

The problem with traditional coaching institutes is not only their hefty fees but also that their syllabus is structured in the same monotonous way for all students. We know this for the fact that all of us do not have the same pace of learning. In a world of rat race for good placements, online preparations and assessments are the new methods for more thorough competitive exam preparations.

The country is budding with top notch engineers, doctors, lawyers, leaders and many other professionals from the most sought after colleges. But even before they get into these colleges to be polished, they have to go through strenuous preparation to crack the many difficult competitive entrance exams such as JEE, AIEEE, CAT, XAT, PMT, etc. To tap into this opportunity, many coaching institutes have mushroomed. But before you enroll in any of the ‘100{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} result coaching institute’ have you thought about e-learning?

People have a lot of misconceptions about online evaluations; we are here to remove that cloud.

1. Myth- Online assessments are incorrect

Truth- Online coaching websites provide you with a vast number of options to go through, including papers of previous years along with answers. You can even mark the difficult questions and come back to them later. You can time your assessments accurately. Also, it will save your time from searching through piles of papers.

2. Myth- Online coaching is expensive

Truth- Most online coaching websites are free. Some of them are paid but for a nominal amount. You can visit and enroll for a free demo or pay only Rs. 500 to access unlimited academic materials or questions.

3. Myth- Academic content is old and not up to date

Truth- Online coaching sites keep updating their content every week. They even invite guest lectures on specific topics to explain the subject better. Some websites even have company specific preparation assessment so that you get maximum exposure to questions before your placement season begins.

4. Myth- There is no immediate assistance to clear doubts

Truth- Unlike traditional coaching institutes which have a fixed time, e-coaching is 24×7 available. You can drop the message to your tutors to get instant replies. You can also join forums and ask questions or get tips from your fellow e-classmates.

5. Myth- Loss of focus

Truth- Many believe that studying alone or in the comfort of your home distracts them. But in fact, you are saving all your effort in traveling and attending a class. You can easily redirect all that time to groom your knowledge for placements.

6. Myth- There are not many courses to choose from

Truth- Online coaching sites have a plethora of classes for you to follow. You can sign up for engineering or business subjects and at the same time learn new languages (a bonus on your resume). You can even search for company specific assessment patterns to have a competitive edge.

Goodluck with your preparations!

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Internet – The Best Tool for Placement Preparation

Placement is a key benchmark on which most Indian colleges are judged. However, campus placement is no longer the only option. Fresh graduates seek placement opportunities beyond their college campuses as well.

However, both on-campus and off-campus placement drives have a common process for preparation. Owing to the popularity of e-learning, the Internet is the best option for all freshers to sharpen their skills with the help of online assessments and methodical course structures.

Buckling up for Company Specific Preparation Online

Performance tracking and conceptual questions by alumni from prestigious institutes like IIMs and IITs are benefits only online placement preparation can provide. Also, various websites, like Studybud, provide metrics for measuring performance and improvement gradient for the undertakers of their courses.

A systematic approach to online preparation includes:

1. Searching for the appropriate company

Different companies have different dates for freshers’ recruitment. They also have different patterns for aptitude exams and different requirements. All such information is readily available on many online websites, thus aiding in smart, company specific preparation. Company mottos and portfolios available online act as a guide on how to approach the preparation process for specific companies.

2. Solving questions and mock aptitude tests.

Online placement preparation has become popular because students have the scope for exploring a lot of different questions. Question banks and online assessments make freshers placement-ready. Test on V Verbal Ability, Quantitative Analysis, Data Interpretation, etc. are all available online. General Knowledge enhancement mock tests and information archives help keep the course-takers up-to-date.

3. Brushing up on Technical skills

Question banks dedicated to particular domains such as Computer Engineering, Accountancy, Electronics, etc. are available online. These provide freshers insight into what sort of interview questions they might get. Also, the Internet is the perfect place for getting to know interesting and unique questions that will give an edge over the others. Studybud provides systematic courses on a wide range of topics.

4. Soft-skills and Professional Grooming

The HR round of interview can be overwhelming at times. Online forums and presentations provide various tips and tricks on how to impress the interviewer(s) from the moment you step in through the door. Many ideas and guidelines for resume and cover letter presentation are also available.

A Bouquet of Advantages

A major advantage of online preparation is that a compilation of past years’ interview questions for numerous companies is available. Online forums are very popular when it comes to solving doubts one faces during self-study. It garners the participation of people from all over the country and guarantees some helpful suggestions. Studybud provides detailed explanations to all the answers to their online assessments.

Peer Learning and Accessibility

Online placement preparation can also involve the participation of peers for faster and more interactive learning. Faculty and mentors are also available to clarify doubts and clear concepts.

Smart preparation is the key due to time constraint, and online preparation provides the benefit of learning at the student’s convenience. 24×7 availability of content implies that the study materials and mock tests make the process of learning more user-friendly.

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Company Specific Preparation: Key To Landing Campus Recruitment

Campus placements are important to students and companies alike. For the students, this is a positive first step towards their future in the professional world and a recognition of their talent and hard work in the academic arena. Companies, on the other hand, gain a fresh perspective on their established policies and projects.

Every year several reputed colleges organise a placement drive for their graduating class. The aim is to afford them a chance to be hired directly into the recognisable workforce.

Institutes that offer 100{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} placement figures and opportunities from top tier companies get a maximum number of student applicants. Students too want to enter colleges that offer them a job placement guarantee after completion of their respective courses.

The Need For Online Assessment

In the current economic climate, just being part of a premier institute and being a top scorer is not enough.

The organisations these days look for dynamic individuals who stand apart yet are part of a team!

Typically, college recruitment process includes:

  • Presentations
  • Written tests
  • Group discussions
  • Panel interviews
  • Technical rounds.

This old system of campus recruitments, though effective, costs the company in terms of time, human and financial resources.

Therefore, online assessment has been adopted by the companies to screen for the most eligible candidate! This ensures that the most suitable person reaches the last rounds of the campus selection procedure!

How Should You Do Placement Preparation

To begin making company specific preparation, first, you need to know which organisations visit your campus. Like TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, etc.

Then, you need to find out what percentage chances your campus holds regarding the ratio of its students that get recruited by these companies. This will help you prepare for the competition accordingly.

Next, you need to be aware of their individual recruitment process. If the respective companies have eligibility criteria, you would know beforehand if you should be preparing for placement in that company or not.

Last, you need to find a suitable employability product to help you in your placement preparation.

How Do These Online Placement Preparatory Solutions Help

These company-specific learning and assessments like StudyBud, help you save about 40{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of your preparation time while you are getting ready for the aptitude and technical test rounds.

With them, all you need to do is select the companies for which you want to prepare. They would then assist you with learning key modules that are important for those organisations.

Lastly, they will assess you on your preparedness for that organisation.

What Do These Employability Products Offer To The Job Candidates

College job seekers are offered an interactive learning module which features more than 100 lecture videos that cover all placement related topics.

These modules are flexible and are easy to use. Because they are cloud-based solutions, there are no operational hassles.

This online preparation for placement products like StudyBud, offer company specific learning and assessment for over 150 organisations.

They test you on everything including verbal ability, data interpretation, logical reasoning, body language, HR interview, technical ability, and much more.

They offer dashboard and constant analysis to measure your speed and accuracy, as well as real-time monitoring to keep track of your improvement and progress.

To Conclude

These online placement assistants give students an option to prepare specifically for organisations they wish to work for in the future.

The online preparations help mould the student in the thought process of their ideal recruiter improving their chances of succeeding!

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7 Inventions To Revolutionise The Lives Of The Visually Impaired

As we break barriers in science and technology at blitzkrieg pace, we hope tobetter serve those among ourselves who haven’t been lucky enough to receive the gift of vision. In recent years, our endeavour in this direction has moved only forward letting us know that we are coming close to eliminating visual impairment as a problem.

Here are a few inventions that have made lives of blind people a little easier-

  1. Shoes That Guide In The Right Direction-

Available for online purchase, these ‘Lechal’ shoes designed by Ducere Technologies connect with your smartphone to guide you in the right direction. As you walk, a vibration produced in the shoes will help you navigate routes with relative ease. A vibration in your left shoe indicates that you need to turn left while a vibration in your right shoe indicates that you need to turn right.

These are almost a necessity for the people who are both blind and deaf, as people with only vision loss can still use sounds to navigate routes.

  1. Guide Dots-

Guide Dots is an app that makes use of social networking sites to let you know which friend is near you. Plus, you can also use it to let your friends know where exactly you are. The app also informs you of points of interest with geotagging. It does all this via the use of sound. You need to wear earphones to keep listening to the information the app gives you. You can also give certain commands to the app using its push to talk feature.

  1. iBrailler Notes-

iBrailler brings the standard Brailler device used by the visually challenged onto an iPad. Once the app is opened on an iPad, you need to calibrate the device by placing your hands where usually, the keyboard would be. The app places a virtual Braille pad in place of a keyboard.

You can now use this calibrated Braille pad to do your work, type documents, write or Google. Google can be used by one-touch open button on the Braille pad itself. Using the Apple VoiceOver option, whatever you want to hear will be read back to you.

  1. Argus II Bionic Eye

Taking a page out of ‘The Terminator’ book, Dr Robert Greenberg workedfor 25 years to make the bionic eye a reality.

Argus II is designed to help patients with retinal pigmentosa, which causes vision loss and eventually leads to blindness.

Patients are implanted with a small device that sits on their retinas. Patients have to wear a set of corresponding glasses which has a camera. When the glasses are on, the signal from the camera turns into electrical impulses on the patient’s eye allowing them to be able to see.

  1. Enchroma Lenses-

Enchroma lenses are lenses specially designed to help colour blind people see properly. The lenses have a lot of scientific work going on in them that makes it hard to produce these glasses. These lenses are shaded such that people who have trouble seeing particular colours will no longer have the same problem. From outside, these glasses look like regular sunglasses.

  1. Tiffy Template-

Tiffy template is an extremely simple device which helps people to keep track of what kind of currency notes are there in their pockets.

Made by Paul D’Souza, the Tiffy template is a metal plate which helps the blind measure the length and width of their currency notes, thus being able to differentiate between them. The length and breadth are measured using grooves on the template that can be felt after placing currency notes against the template.

  1. Be My Eyes-

Be my eyes is a non-profit app that helps blind people feel the world around them a little better. This app is aimed at blind people who don’t have anyone living with them to take care of them.

First, a person needs to take a video by pointing his camera at the place or object about which he wants to know more. The app uploads this video online, and volunteers using the Be My Eyes app will help describe the look of that object via audio.

Further, this app can also be used by taking pictures of documents and having the text read aloud by potential volunteers.

We still have a long way to go to make the lives of the visually impaired as comfortable as the rest of us. It is our duty to appreciate, and bring to forefront ways that help the visually challenged.

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