5 Reason To Quit Your Smartphone! (Rank Princess – SEO)

I know that you’re thinking “how is it even possible when our whole lives revolve around our Smartphone?!”. You may also think that it’s impossible to quit your Smartphone.  However, if you think about it, for most of human history, people didn’t have smartphones, and they didn’t need them. Our ancestors had tools, and that’s what our phone is – a tool.


It’s egoistic to believe that we are in some way special or more important than our fellow flora and fauna. These biological machines (including us) are meant to be out in the open. We are meant to feel the wind against our hair and scrape our knees every now and then. Your Smartphone is keeping you from it. Let’s face it, would you rather start a new series or go for a run? To quit our Smartphone is to live healthily.

Screen Addiction

Scientists have proven that the screens have become an addiction. In fact, even developing countries like India have de-addiction centres. The reason we are having a hard time accepting it is because this isn’t like any other addiction where a person uses an illegal substance. If you think about it, the millennial aren’t living healthy lives. They are cooped up inside their houses NOT learning any of the necessary skills that helped their parents attain success. Let’s use our phones as a tool and begin to live a healthy life again!

Less Human Interaction

I know it’s laughable to claim that we have poor human interaction, especially because I could video call anybody anywhere in the world from the comfort of my chair. However upon close examination, you’ll realise that we don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk about how we really feel. Most conversations begin with “sup?” and end with “nm”. Are these really the bonds that we will cherish for the rest of our lives? Alternatively, we could quit our smartphone and only use them as a tool to make life smoother!

Social Media

Another new epidemic – Millennials are zombies that need Wi-Fi to survive. Social media is mainly about creating an image of oneself so that we can gain social acceptance from people. It is paradoxical in the sense that the people themselves are trying to maintain their superficial life. It’s a vicious circle. How is this healthy living?

Phones as Tools

The final argument is that our phones were invented to be tools. They were ironically built to help us live a healthier and more comfortable life. So in conclusion Smartphones aren’t bad at all, they are just tools, and like any other tool they will either help us or harm us, depending on how we use them.

Let’s quit our Smartphone or at least minimise our usage of them. Let’s know they joy of being human, of being flawed. After all, this isn’t what our Father in heaven would want for us. Let’s start a new trend, a counter-revolution – let’s change the world (again) simply by listening to each other.


Quit Smartphone

Healthy living

Phones as tools



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