5 Tips To Land A Job In The Hospitality Industry (Rank Princess – SEO)

The hospitality industry is a service industry that includes planning, management and building quality relationships between guest and host in all subcategories within the tourism industry.

Hospitality Industry Has Numerous Opportunities

A hospitality unit is something like a hotel, restaurant or amusement park, and such places have various types of jobs for the maintenance of the facility, and management of operations.

Hospitality as an industry is a fairly new concept. However, securing a job within the industry is not necessarily very difficult as it is an ever expanding industry with a lot of jobs. People are spending more than 1.5 billion nights in hotels and other similar establishments, and the number is set to grow.

There is room to accommodate the job requirement of different people and skillsets. The number employed increased from 7.4 million to 9.3 million between 2003 and 2008. 

Here are five tips that will help you get a desired job in the hospitality sector:

  1. Dream High, Start Low

Ambition is a good thing. It sets a target and lets you work towards it. While your ambition may be to be a part of the management group, it’s not easy to directly start at that position.

It is advisable to look for entry-level openings. You may think that washing dishes or cleaning rooms are the most thankless jobs the industry offers, but they can help you get a foot into the industry. They also have ample scope that allows you to work your way up. Also, there is never any dearth of job openings at this level.

  1. Experiment to Find Your Fit

It’s not always possible to know exactly what job you are looking for in the industry, especially as you start your journey. In such cases, seasonal work and internships are a good option to try out various types of job and pick one that suits you the most.

Seasonal work is easy to get in the hospitality sector. Job opportunities increase with the onset of peak tourist seasons and festivities. In fact, the longer you work on such part-time basis, the more are the chances for you to be inducted into a full-time job in the future.

Chicago Tribune in 2012 stated that there was a 10{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} increase from 2011 in the number of part-time workers who got retained for a permanent position.

  1. Step Out of Your Hometown

Most job vacancies are present in large resorts, national parks, and popular tourist destinations. Starting at a big place, even if it is an entry-level job, gives valuable work experience and is a big boost to your resume. It will aid in getting a job at a higher position later.

It is not always possible to secure a job in your hometown. Hence it is worthwhile considering suitable options outside as well. The benefits might not be apparent at that moment, but you could certainly reap dividends of such a move in the longer run.

  1. Versatility is Key

The good thing about a growing industry is that you don’t have to be restricted to a particular role. Being versatile opens more doors, and lets you experiment with various roles. In fact, some companies expect you to take on varied roles, so it’s imperative to keep an open mind.

It could go a long way to earn brownie points with your employer if you do whatever job is assigned.

  1. Don’t Let The Long Hours Scare You

The hospitality industry has erratic timings because of the fluctuations in demand. If you’re expecting a predictable, well-scheduled 8-hour job, then perhaps this sector is not suitable for you.

Night shifts and long working hours is very often required, especially for entry-level and mid-level posts. So be proactive to take on workload and don’t shy away from long work hours. This enthusiasm and willingness will surely send a positive message to a potential employer during an interview!

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