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ADITI: Pioneering in IoT Technologies

You have just opted to interact with a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. We are known to create a summarized, integrated cosmos for you in almost every walk of life. That is the beauty of ADITI, a part of HARMAN, the IoT (Internet Of Things) solutions wizard.

IoT Solutions: The Need Of The Hour

In today’s world, everything is interconnected. Take, for instance, your mobile phone. It is, no longer a fancy set to make and receive calls and SMSes. It is a mini world to act as a GPS, to surf the net, to do e-commerce business, to be active on social networking sites, etc.

Similarly, all other gadgets, systems, and businesses are increasingly becoming like a package. For example, proper sales coordination and inventory management can streamline the warehousing business. Here is where IoT comes to play.

At ADITI, you can be assured to get this connectivity with a plethora of technical, strategic and software interfaces.

ADITI: Not Just A World But An Experience Of IoT

For proper IoT, you need a smooth conduit of actions, systems, and processes. So, the interface is in a summarized, user-friendly form and the solutions are also very easy yet befitting.

We deliver this artistry of interconnection, thus making it an experience in itself rather than a conglomeration of boring processes.

Real Time Interconnectivity Is The Crux Of Our Line Of IoT Services

What you get is a complete package of our IoT services. You will encounter a pool of strategies, services, techniques, mechanisms and tools. For this, there is a systematic infrastructure build up, comprising of:

 Garnering and streamlining of data.
 Analyzing this data to study trends and potential.
 Forming strategy and creating a brand image to suit your customers’ demand and taste.
 Bringing strategy to action, backed by marketing and constant innovation.

The result is a synergized solution for you and your clients.

Extended Wings of IoT At ADITI?

You can make out the broad working domain you will get for yourself. ADITI operates to extend IoT services to diverse clients:

 Retail clients – The retail world would be lost in a perfect economy. We help you maintain and retain customer loyalty, reinforced by using technology to the advantage of the retailer.
 Agriculture – Farmers swear by our apps, data, and reports. This IoT service helps to get manifold returns on their harvest. It also works to figure out what to sow and how to do so to get the best yield.
 Healthcare – You need proper streamlining and coordination of many health care variables. ADITI enables this to realize your goal of quality patient care. This includes cost-effective handling of resources, real-time updates of patients’ health, monitoring hygiene conditions, integrating billing and other department information, etc. All these combine to ensure perfect IoT in Healthcare.
 Oil and Gas Industry – You can tap our immense IoT potential for working and maneuvering with the most important variables of this industry. These variables are worker safety, inventory control, supply chain management, asset management and capital investment strategy, etc.

This way, ADITI’s IoT services take almost all sectors in their ambit.

The ADITI Infrastructure

Here we are talking about:

 Shared processing and management of resources via cloud computing. It enables efficient monetizing via our propriety IoT.
 Using multiple apps and data points to get managed IT services.
 Using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (WAIS) is a master stroke in IoT. What you get is a rock solid cloud computing foundation, powered by Microsoft Azure.
 Easy conversion of data using cloud automation, you simply get a smooth conversion of your personalized data environment to connected computing units and variables.

Finally, ADITI has a human angle too in its professionals working relentlessly. Our IoT solutions with a human angle make the automation and interconnectivity generated solutions very real and ready to implement.


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