Apology Email By Aakshey to Head-Fi.org (Successful)


Email 1

Respected Mods,

I have made this account only to contact you. I won’t use this account to make a single post anywhere. I hope you give me a patient listen.

I’m a banned member – techboy.

I know I haven’t been an ideal member in the past, and neither recently as milosingh. I’d like to apologise for that. I was very wrong in my behaviour towards fellow members and mods. And I apologise.

I would like to start with a fresh slate and I promise to turn over a new leaf.

Head-Fi means the world to me. Whether you like it or not, it is a part of my world. And I’m willing to change entirely to remain a part of this amazing community.

I cross my heart and vow the below:

I’ll only use my techboy account if you unban me. I won’t use any other account.

I won’t say negative about any brand. If I have a personal negative experience with any product, I’ll stick to that product or the service I received. I won’t flame the brand.

I will keep my objective shit under control.

I will keep my subjective shit under control as well.

I will not insult any member or mod or brand. I will be humble and polite and will respect everybody unconditionally even if I need to show it without meaning it. I will respect everybody. Period.

I won’t start flame wars.

I will listen to every single mod, senior member and genuine advice from any member at large.

I promise to turn over a new leaf.

I will be a good boy, trust me on this one.

If you feel I’m not up to it, ban me immediately after that. And keep me banned forever then. But trust me, that won’t happen.

I’ll live up to my promise. I need Headfi. Life otherwise is too depressed.

Please help me. I’ll live up to my word, I swear to my God. I swear on my mother, please! ;S

techboy / Aakshey Talwar / akshaytalwar@gmail.com

Just one honest interim chance, please. ;(

Email 2

I know I have no right to disturb you. But I’m really anxious my friend. I’m really hoping for a miracle.

Email 3

Hi Aakshey,

We’d be happy to have you back if you can reign yourself in as you’ve promised.

Let me check with the other staff that there are no objections first.


CC: moderators


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