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Rich, Seductive Designs from Berger

Berger Paints India Limited started in India way back in prehistory, also known as the 1920’s. Though its start was modest, it grew into the well-known socially conscious company it is.

Gorgeous golds, and pearlescent pinks and stunning shades fit together in the brochures of Berger’s Experience Silk. The rich colors of Berger’s Experience Silk bring to mind the gorgeous oriental traditions that brought silk to the world.

A Prism of Light

The beautiful finishes and patterns of the Experience Silk designs are meant to mimic the classic elegance and chic patterns of the oriental traditions. Instead of limiting themselves, they also have a certain cheeky appreciation for modern, fun patterns.

The wall paints come in a gorgeous palate of colors that shy away from being merely humdrum pastels. Berger offers you Pearly White with Wine Country trimmings. Or Safe Passage on the Crystal River (see what I did there?)

What is that Gorgeous Picture and Where Can I Get It?

Berger does their best to offer looks that fit. While elegance and sensual beauty are the themes of their Experience Silk offers, they can do other looks.

The picture is of a retail store on the website, and three colors paint the room in a bold theme that reflects not only the boldness of their product line but also the adventurous nature of their theme and brand.

What Is Special About Experience Silk?

Just what I was asking myself! And then I sat down to pore over their gorgeous design books and brochures, and I was hooked.

They have:

  • More colors than I can count (which is really high)
  • Numerous ready-made palates for themes as different as ‘Paradox’ and ‘Classic ’
  • A real eye for fashions that look classic without being kitschy and futuristic without being uncomfortable
  • Tips for people shopping around for a new look, like ‘Making the Most of a Small ’

Get an Entire Look

What Berger is offering here is a complete experience in a room. The retail store is painted to show personality and go with the brand.

They offer designs and palates for offices, resorts, and other commercial spaces but also for houses.

You can turn your house into a home with the little touches from Berger’s Experience Silk. They have a variety of designs and a dazzling array of colors to be checked out against the light in your room, and against your furnishings.

They even have little tabs to check them out on your screen as a fun game!

Offering a Variety of Design Options

Silk Range shows you option for Texture Designs, Luxury Wall Paints, and Stencil Designs.

Professionals have designed the Stencil Designs, and they can be customized. There are various details available about the materials to ensure that you know they are completely safe.

The Silk Luxury Emulsion gives a rich finish to a room. It is scratch resistant and made with anti-fading pigments for a long lasting look.

The Texture Designs, Silk Illusions, are not an illusion, they really are that gorgeous. They come in three varieties, resilient Marble, luxurious Metallica and the unusual Non-Metallic Designs.




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