Boost Your Business Using Google Optimize (Rank Princess)

Google Optimize is an analytics and optimization tool that can be efficiently utilised to test the quality of your landing page and improve your website content. Optimize offers services like website testing and personalization experiences that are needed to create engaging online experiences that tempt and interest your customers.

Google Optimize can be easily used to boost online sales and digital marketing or brand communication.

Google Optimize is the free version of Optimize 360, an enterprise-grade tool that contains a collection of products that aim to help an enterprise understand its customers on the basis of marketing and data. Optimize 360 can be used to test, analyse, optimize and personalize the user experience of all potential customers visiting your website.

Products/Services Offered

Google Integrations- Optimize offers integration services that can be used to customize and improve customer experience.

  • Google Analytics – Optimize is based on detailed consumer behaviour and segmentation data that are available in Analytics. Analytics can be used to identify the website areas that need to be improved upon and to measure website experiments against business objectives. It can be used to formulate a strategy to influence consumer behaviour and conversion.
  • Google BigQuery- Analytics 360 customers, can send their data to BigQuery for large-scale data analysis.

Experiment Services-Optimize offers different types of experiments for your website testing needs.

  • A/B testing, also recognized as split testing, entails the comparison and analysis of multiple descriptions of a landing page, web page or mobile app feature to determine which one executes better in terms of user engagement, growth in revenue and improvement in a website’s conversion rate. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who are influenced into performing the desired action. One example would be the percentage of website visitors that buy something on the website.
  • Multivariate Tests allow you to test multiple elements on a page so that you can figure out the best outcome for your website through trial and error.
  • Redirect Tests or split URL tests, are similar to A/B tests. In the case of redirect tests, the different versions being tested are identified by the URL instead of the elements on the page. This test can be used to evaluate two very different landing pages or a completely new design.

Visual Editor- Optimize enables you to create multiple variants, without going through the hassle of having to recode your website every time.

  • The WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor enables you to create multiple versions of your web page without any re-coding; you just have to click for editing. This feature can also be used very easily by non-technical teams.
  • Visual Editor Diagnostics alerts you to potential problems.
  • Mobile Web Editor enables you to configure mobile experiments for users. You can see how your web page looks on different devices and screens using this feature.
  • Sophisticated Code Editing provides you with the ability to HTML codes, or add JavaScript or CSS directly to provide your users with great experiences.

Targeting- Google Optimize provides you tools to customize website experience for your customers and choose visitors for your site experiments.

Reporting- Optimize uses Analytics and Bayesian statistical methods to efficiently analyse your data and the results of your experiments to give accurate reports of the expected impact on your business.

Experiment Management-Optimize offers features like an activity log, experiment preview and user permission for easy management of the experiments being conducted for your business.


Optimize is a highly inclusive tool that offers a wide range of products and services for enhancing your website’s quality and conversion rate. Customer reviews have praised its performance and called it easy to use in comparison to similar products like Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely and Google Content Experiments.

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