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How To Prevent A Callus On Your Heel

A few hints on how to prevent a callus on the heel, an all-too-common day-to-day irritation.

What Causes A Callus?

A callus is a tough and painful area of skin. It’s caused by the skin rubbing against clothing or shoes. Calluses often develop on feet as they’re constantly in contact with the ground. The heel takes most of the weight, so a callus on the heel is a very common type.

Why Should I Prevent It?

A Callus on the heel causes pain. If one develops and is left untreated, it can lead to further problems. It can crack in time, which is even more painful.

How Do I Prevent It?

As calluses are typically caused by friction, the first step towards prevention is to ensure that your shoes fit correctly. See if there are any parts which rub against your heel. Make sure there is a little room at the end of the foot and they’re not too tight. If you walk a lot, make sure that you have shoes which are designed for walking.

I’ve Got Trainers…

Running shoes are padded in different areas, and dress shoes aren’t designed to prevent a callus on your heel. If new shoes aren’t an option, it is possible to buy medicated in-shoe pads and inserts designed to protect the heel against calluses forming.

Looking After Your Feet

Calluses don’t form overnight. They say “prevention is the best cure” and looking after your feet can go a long way towards preventing a callus. Wash your feet regularly and dry them properly. Moisturize as well, nightly if you can. Calluses can be a sign of undernourished, under-protected feet. Try to use a moisturizer which is specifically for feet.

Resting Your Feet

Calluses form through friction. It’s important to ensure that you give your feet a break every once in a while. Rest can go a long way towards preventing a callus.

Keeping Your Feet Dry

Socks are as important as shoes in keeping calluses at bay. Cotton and other natural fibers are best for keeping feet dry and healthy. Change your socks daily. If they get wet, change them. Always make sure your shoes are thoroughly dry before you put them on.

How To Remove Calluses From Feet

If calluses on the heel have formed, there are a number of ways to get rid of them. A well-known callus removal home remedy is to soak your feet in lemon juice or vinegar. You can then scrub the calluses with a pumice stone or specialist foot razor. But take care if using the razor, these can cut the feet.

Is There A Medicine I Can Buy?

It is possible to buy over the counter medications for the removal of calluses. These are based on salicylic acid and can cause irritation. If in doubt, seek medical advice first.

Things To Bear In Mind

So in order to prevent a callus on your heel, do keep these in mind

  • Make sure your shoes fit
  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Moisturize
  • Change your socks regularly
  • Put your feet up

Following these simple tips should hopefully lead to you having happy, healthy feet.

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