5 Types of Gajak You’ll Love(Rank Princess – SEO)

History of Indian cuisine throwsback to the centuries-old tradition when multi-cultured people started adapting to each other’s food habits, leading to the formation of regional cuisines.

Likewise, Gajak- a dessert originated from the heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh is consumed across the nation, as the mercury level in the thermometer drops down to a single digit. The winter season heralds for some special winter food to keep you warm and cosy.

Of course, it is a desi dry sweet prepared from the desi ingredients (sesame seeds and jaggery) to fill up the winter share of your appetite. You might as well want to go through its recipe.

Heads up; it may lead to some seriously irresistible cravings. Better visit the nearest Place of Origin store, and grab some. You might as well want to order it on your fingertips through online shopping.

Calling out for “Indore ke Ghajak” won’t be enough as there are many variants. However, we would make it simpler by choosing the best from the lot. Following are the five varieties of Ghajak which can be highlighted as the “must try” ones.

  1. Gud aur Til ke Gajak

Gud aur Til ke Ghajak are the most famous in other regions of the country as well. The sweet takes a handful number of ingredients and yet, it will make one drool. All it require is Jaggery, sesame seeds, and ghee.

  1. Chocolate Gajak

Quite obviously this variant of Gajak is laden with dark chocolate.

Though it is to be consumed during the winter months, it doesn’t really matter as long as your cravings are satisfied.

  1. Dry fruit Gajak

Dry fruit is the rich Indian traditional food having enormous protein supplements. Dry fruit Gajak is stuffed with almonds and cashew nuts that make it a delicious dessert. 

Salivary glands will go out of control when you taste this tantalising sweet.

  1. Sugar-free Gajak

Crafted for the health conscious community is the Sugar-free Gajak. As the name suggests, the sugar in the Gajak is substituted by an artificial sweetener to keep the nutritional value unaffected.

Citric acid is added in small quantities to extend the shelf life of the sweet.

  1. Morena Ka Gajak

Monera is a small place in Madhya Pradesh. Isn’t it amazing, how places get named after their specialty? That’s why we are called an incredible country.

Morena ka Gajak are quite simple to make which almost taste like Chikki (another sweet Indian snack). Shiny, smooth, and thin textured, they look like biscuits. The unique fusion of sesame seeds and jaggery is loved by people across the country.

This winter season reserve some space for this special winter delicacy. All the variants are 100{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} desi, and are given a taste of the traditional Indian flavour.

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