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9 Signs That Show Your Marriage Will Last Forever

The eight letter word that keeps us all awake at night, marriage.

As with any other relationship, we are not handed a list of instructions while stepping into a marriage to tell us how it works.

No one can offer you a crystal ball which sees through to the future; however there are certain signs which prove your marriage is strong.

Here are nine signs that indicate your marriage will last forever:

1. You enjoy each other’s company

A relationship does not have to be all about romance. For a stable relationship to last, you should be able to have a good laugh together.

Treating your significant other to a date or simply trying new activities with them makes the foundation of your marriage stronger.

You learn new things in the presence of the person you love, all while having some light hearted fun.

2. You trust your spouse

Not being able to trust your partner at any stage of your relationship, leads to problems later on.

The key to a successful long-term relationship is not to hide things from one another. Being honest with your partner is.

3. You work as a team.

The factor that distinguishes marriage from other types of relationships is that marriage is a partnership.

Sharing your problems with your partner, be it financial or any other stress provoking issue, will make them feel like you are in it together.

4. You touch each other.

The role of intimacy is an element that should never be overlooked in a marriage.

The simple touch of a hand on the other’s leg or shoulder is more powerful than you think as it creates balance, and allows you share the one another’s positive energy.

5. You don’t hold on to things.

Keeping a grudge for too long is possibly the worst move in a relationship.
To understand that you can both make mistakes and move on from arguments as soon as possible proves your marriage may just be stronger than you think.

6. You express love via your body language.

As the saying goes, actions do speak louder than words, therefore, your body language will say “I love you” better than your words can.

Leaning on to your partner, kissing and even cuddling often shows your partner that you are responsive. You really do care.

7. You genuinely respect each other.

You are friends before anything else, which means that you like each other.

You can spend time with one another and value the others company.

8. You take his/her emotions as your own.

To be able to value your spouse’s emotions shows that you are there for them.

Empathizing with them helps to settle problems when they show up and reduce the chances of future issues.

9. You know how to patch up!

Making up is not just pushing down your problems because this does not tackle them.

The way you can come together after an argument and understand the issues which have been brought to surface prove your relationship is stable.


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How To Prevent A Callus On Your Heel

A few hints on how to prevent a callus on the heel, an all-too-common day-to-day irritation.

What Causes A Callus?

A callus is a tough and painful area of skin. It’s caused by the skin rubbing against clothing or shoes. Calluses often develop on feet as they’re constantly in contact with the ground. The heel takes most of the weight, so a callus on the heel is a very common type.

Why Should I Prevent It?

A Callus on the heel causes pain. If one develops and is left untreated, it can lead to further problems. It can crack in time, which is even more painful.

How Do I Prevent It?

As calluses are typically caused by friction, the first step towards prevention is to ensure that your shoes fit correctly. See if there are any parts which rub against your heel. Make sure there is a little room at the end of the foot and they’re not too tight. If you walk a lot, make sure that you have shoes which are designed for walking.

I’ve Got Trainers…

Running shoes are padded in different areas, and dress shoes aren’t designed to prevent a callus on your heel. If new shoes aren’t an option, it is possible to buy medicated in-shoe pads and inserts designed to protect the heel against calluses forming.

Looking After Your Feet

Calluses don’t form overnight. They say “prevention is the best cure” and looking after your feet can go a long way towards preventing a callus. Wash your feet regularly and dry them properly. Moisturize as well, nightly if you can. Calluses can be a sign of undernourished, under-protected feet. Try to use a moisturizer which is specifically for feet.

Resting Your Feet

Calluses form through friction. It’s important to ensure that you give your feet a break every once in a while. Rest can go a long way towards preventing a callus.

Keeping Your Feet Dry

Socks are as important as shoes in keeping calluses at bay. Cotton and other natural fibers are best for keeping feet dry and healthy. Change your socks daily. If they get wet, change them. Always make sure your shoes are thoroughly dry before you put them on.

How To Remove Calluses From Feet

If calluses on the heel have formed, there are a number of ways to get rid of them. A well-known callus removal home remedy is to soak your feet in lemon juice or vinegar. You can then scrub the calluses with a pumice stone or specialist foot razor. But take care if using the razor, these can cut the feet.

Is There A Medicine I Can Buy?

It is possible to buy over the counter medications for the removal of calluses. These are based on salicylic acid and can cause irritation. If in doubt, seek medical advice first.

Things To Bear In Mind

So in order to prevent a callus on your heel, do keep these in mind

  • Make sure your shoes fit
  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Moisturize
  • Change your socks regularly
  • Put your feet up

Following these simple tips should hopefully lead to you having happy, healthy feet.

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How to prevent a Callus on your heel

Calluses usually occur on the heel of your feet, from where it has been subjected to a lot of rubbing and friction. However, in rare instances, they can also appear on your:

  • Hands
  • Other areas of your feet.
  • Chin (can be common for violin players)

A Callus on the heel is often characterized by its hard and rough appearance, which can also look like a swollen lump.

They are not to be confused with corns:

Although they are often categorized with corns; they are both different conditions.

Corns are significantly smaller in size and come with a small plug of skin in the center.

The main causes for a Callus on your heel:

  • Wearing wrong sized shoes.
  • If you wear shoes without socks on.
  • Any form of friction to your feet.
  • High heels for women.
  • Obesity

Other symptoms from a Callus:

  • You may feel tenderness around the area.
  • Fluid or pus may be produced by the infected area.
  • Symptoms of fever.
  • Swelling
  • Pain

However, symptoms can vary, and most callus sufferers don’t even feel it’s there.

How to prevent onset of a Callus:

It is easily done; to neglect your feet or even giving a thought on the support they provide for the pressure of your entire body weight – so start taking extra care of your feet, with the following:

  • Wear comfy shoes and throw away any that brings discomfort to your feet.
  • Remember; even when an adult foot size can adjust over the years, so always try on shoes before you buy and get measured at the shoe shop from time to time.
  • Remember; your feet are mostly covered over the majority of the time, so are in dark and moist conditions throughout the day – allow as much barefoot time as you can, to give them a chance to breathe.
  • Treat your feet to a foot spa (some foot spa even offer specialized fish treatment, which will nibble and cleanse the dead skin from your feet).
  • Be more aware of your feet, when doing any sport or activity, assess whether any exertion is causing friction or pressure – then look for ways to adjust for comfort.

How to get rid of a callus:

You can soak the callus for twenty minutes, with either of the following:

  • 2 Spoonful of Baking Soda.
  • Chamomile Tea.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Epsom Salt

Then with a Pumice stone gently rub the affected area, which will remove dead skin from your feet.


Make sure to dry afterwards, do not leave it moist, especially if putting on socks afterwards.

Another technique:

Before going to bed, apply warm Olive Oil and wear cotton socks – this will help to soften the dry skin, for when using the Pumice stone.

In Summary…

Callus on heels are unsightly and even uncomfortable, so it’s always worth giving love and TLC to your feet – the fish treatment offered by foot spas is fully recommended for foot maintenance and cleansing.


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Guidelines For The Prevention of A Callus on the Heel

A callus on the heel can be prevented. There are two aspects to preventing these:

good foot care and proper choice and care of footwear.

There are some aids that also help prevent calluses or callosities as well as remove any that you already have. However, prevention is better than cure.

Good foot care for a callus on the heel

Good foot care consists of taking care of your feet on a daily basis as good foot hygiene is one of the keys to preventing a callus or clavus on the heel. You will recognize a callus on the heel as an area of hardening of the skin.

Try to make this your daily routine:

  • Use a good pumice stone or foot file for any callus on your heel when you first get out of bed. This will reduce any thickened skin you already have on your heel and make any preparation you place on your skin more easily absorbed. If you already have larger calluses, you will need to see a podiatrist to have them removed.
  • Once you have finished with the pumice stone, use a heel balm or cream specially formulated for feet. It is important to do this in the morning to make the skin more flexible before you start your days’ activities. Repeat this routine at night.

Try not to wear open shoes if you can, especially without socks. This will mean the skin on your feet will not dry out as much. Drink plenty of water during the day for the same reason.  Use heel cups inside your closed in shoes as that increases the amount of moisture your feet retain.

Keep your feet as dry as possible and wear socks of a natural fiber. If your shoes get wet, dry them out before putting them back on.

Wash your feet every day and dry them well.

Footwear to prevent calluses

The second aspect to preventing calluses is the choice of your footwear. This has a lot of impact on how healthy our feet are.

  • Don’t be tempted to wear high heels on a regular basis. This pushes your feet into positions where calluses form. Higher heeled shoes are often not shaped for comfort and feature small toe spaces which again cause foot problems.
  • Make sure you can wiggle your toes comfortably when buying new shoes. You will probably have one foot larger than the other so choose a shoe size that is comfortable for the largest foot.
  • Choose the size of your shoe at the end of the day so that it will accommodate your feet when they are more swollen.
  • Buy your shoes from a shoe shop that does fittings and have them measured.
  • You may have calluses forming because your feet are not shaped uniformly. In this case, you will benefit from using orthotics. These will correct any imbalance in the shape of your foot and make walking more comfortable. A good shoe store that measures your feet before selling you your shoe can help you with that.
  • Good care of your footwear is also important. Worn shoes can help cause calluses as they cause shoes to rub in different places.

Pads, often sold as corn pads, are designed to protect your feet and can be worn to help prevent calluses but are not as effective as proper foot care and footwear. Diabetics should be especially careful to avoid developing foot problems such as a callus on the heel as they are much more prone to foot problems. The consequences are much greater if foot problems arise.


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How to Prevent a Callus from Forming on Your Heel

When you see calluses on someone’s hands, it is a sign that is often associated with hard work, as those who do hard labor tend to have them. Having calluses on your feet, especially a callus on the heel, can become a problem.

Continue reading below to find out how you can prevent or treat these unsightly spots.

What a Callus on the Heel Is

A callus is actually a defense mechanism triggered by your body to protect the area. A callus is essentially an area of skin that has thickened.

The reason for this thickened area is protection. Your body knows that the area is injured, which is why a callus grows there. If there is a lot of friction or injury to the area, calluses will develop as a sort of armor.

Should you get one on your foot, that means you likely have some type of constant pressure or frequent friction. The callus develops to prevent further injury. Although it acts as protection, worse things could come your way if these calluses are left untreated.

The group that has the biggest risk of complications arising from calluses are those with diabetes. Now, we will go over what causes calluses on your feet.

Causes of Calluses

There are many potential things that could cause you to develop a callus on your heel. Here is a list of causes:

  • Foot arch too high
  • Flat-footed (no or extremely low arch in the foot)
  • Being overweight
  • Walking around barefoot
  • Frequent wearing of high heels or other improperly-fitting shoes
  • Longer than normal metatarsal bones
  • Inadequate natural padding or worn down padding in the area

These are the most frequent causes of calluses. Now, we will look at what you can do to treat or prevent them from forming.

Callus Prevention Methods

Callus prevention is fairly easy to do. Here are a few ways you can prevent calluses from forming:

  1. Wear the right shoes. This tip applies to socks as well. Wearing socks and shoes that fit right are a key factor in preventing calluses from forming.
  2. If your foot is flat or otherwise in need of orthotics, obtain the orthotics for your particular condition.
  3. Talk to a podiatrist about your feet if they are not shaped or designed normally (flat feet, longer than normal toes, too much of an arch, )
  4. Keep your feet consistently clean.
  5. Repair or replace worn shoes.
  6. Talk to a podiatrist about other prevention methods.

Now, check out these treatment methods available to get rid of existing calluses.

Callus Treatment Methods

Here are some things you can do to treat existing calluses:

  • Soak in hot water and file them down using a pumice stone.
  • Change footwear and use orthotics as needed
  • Pressure-relieving pads or other items (such as orthotics or different shoes) to reduce pressure on the heel
  • Surgical removal

These are not the only callus reduction or callus removal methods available out there. Talk to your podiatrist first so you can get a professional recommendation on the best course of action to get that callus on your heel taken care of.

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Introducing you to Modern Shades Solutions

Modern Shades Solutions offers you solutions for all the outdoor blinds, shade sails, and awnings need you could have. Our services are cut across residential and commercial needs.

Be it your beautiful house, your business or just an outdoor area, as Modern Shades Solutions we got you covered.

We have extensive experience in providing products and services that will help you luxuriate and be cushioned from the hot unsoothing West Australian climatic conditions.

A Thumbs Up For Modern Shades Solutions

Outdoor Blinds Perth has built a clientele as it does custom manufacturing, distribution as well as an installation of an expansive assortment of excellent shade products at a quick and efficient pace.

We make no structural changes or major replacements but only work on what you already have in place and hence saves significantly on costs.

Benefits Attached to Modern Shades Solutions

Residential property owners tend to prefer Modern Shades Solutions for reasons that constitute:

  • Increased comfort as the awnings, shade sails, and the outdoor blinds enables them to relish their outdoor pools, patio, verandahs, or even the vast space in their compounds.
  • The ease of use of the Modern Shades Solutions products usually attracts multitudes. The crank handles and gearbox operated awnings and blinds, for example, are quite convenient for use by many clients.
  • Flexibility is a key factor that homeowners get from us. We have the expertise to shade and decorate in an artistic way any given space and to the client’s specific needs.

About Modern Shades Solutions


We offer exclusive services particularly in fittings and supplies of blinds and related shades products. The products in question here comprise of:

  • Heavy Duty Channel Blinds
  • Straight Drop Crank Blinds
  • Shade Sails
  • Roof To Fence Blinds
  • Ziptrak Blinds
  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Café Blinds Perth
  • Outdoor Blind Perth and
  • Awnings Perth.

The company’s key driver is the simple yet sincere motto; we’ve got you covered. We are optimally positioned to pursue this purpose with our wide range of products that are all complementary.  Today, Magnetite is well reputed for taking care of people’s weather related issues in the Perth locality and its vicinity.

Payment Options

Well, this is another thing that Modern Shades Solutions have handled efficiently. Despite your geographical position at the moment when your home is being worked on, you can just settle your bill via Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Cheque, EFT or EFTPOS.

All you have to do is transact using the method that’s convenient for you and then wait for your home or business to take a new shape.

Intriguing Technology

We are in the 21st century, and our pals at Modern Shades Solutions understand what that means. Incorporation of new technology is happening as a way out to the traditional double glazing system.

This advancement in technology adopted by Modern Shades Solutions saves time, money and resources as there isn’t that much need for reconstruction.

This newly adopted technology has gained massive popularity lately, and it’s what people refer to as retrofit double glazing.

Why retrofit double glazing?

Modern Shades Solutions avail the benefits of retrofit double glazing without the inconvenience of window replacement. The advantages of this process are:

  • Noise Reduction. A most efficient way of increasing comfort is by reducing noise in one’s environment. Our secondary glazing and retrofit double glazing solutions reduce seventy percent of noise through existing windows.
  • Modern Shades Solutions fit the glazing into existent windows, allowing the benefits of retrofit technology without window replacement or any structural changes.
  • High levels of thermal comfort result from secondary glazing. Houses are usually warm in the winter and very cool in the summer.
  • Retrofit technology improves energy efficiency and reduces energy bills. Since the new tech limits the volume of air getting into and out of your home, it’s easier for you to check your room temperatures.
  • Custom installation. Retrofit technology is designed specifically for every window and door with an initial assessment to ensure only the best solutions are delivered.

Our Team

Alan is the person in charge of ensuring that you enjoy your beautiful home to the fullest.

Together with a team of professionals, they ensure that you have the best customer experiences and that every bit of your precise needs and desires are met adequately.

How to Reach Modern Shades Solutions

You may reach us via phone on 08 6313 3916 or via the toll-free number: 1300 86 27 44

Alternatively, visit our showroom from Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM.

However, clients may book appointments outside these hours via our online inquiry page.


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Exciting technology now available at Modern Shades Solutions

If you are looking to update your single glazed window to improve your home insulation, then look no further than Modern Shades Solutions. The technology they are adopting is considered an alternative to double glazing.

About the new technique available at Modern Shades Solutions

The technology available installs on your existing doors and windows without the need for any major restructuring. This new system designed as an alternative to traditional double glazing which can often be expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming.

This new technology is referred to in the industry as ‘secondary glazing’ or ‘retrofit double glazing,’ has taken the industry by storm and millions of households and businesses worldwide have been upgrading their windows.

Traditional double glazing involves the use of two sheets of glass. The sheets of glass positioned so that there is a gap between them. This gap acts as an insulator; the gaps then packed with a dense gas.

Secondary glazing involves installing additional glazing to existing single glazed sheets of glass. There is no need to remove or replace the existing glass.

Retrofit double glazing or secondary glazing is one of the modern solutions to some of the downsides of traditional double glazing.

This technology adopted by Modern Shades Solutions has numerous benefits, some of which are including –

  • Noise Reduction
  • Temperature Control
  • Fits existing windows and doors
  • Energy efficiency

Let’s go through each of the benefits in turn.

Noise Reduction

Retrofit, double glazing technology, is extremely efficient in reducing noise pollution.

Windows are often the biggest cause of noise pollution due to the ease in which air can get through. This new double glazing technology can address this problem and has been proved to reduce the level of noise from outside elements.

Temperature Control

Secondary glazing has also been proven to assist with keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Since windows often allow air to get through relatively quickly, this also means that hot and cold air can dramatically affect the temperature of your home. This new technology has been able to solve this issue which means that you can remain comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Fits existing windows and doors

It can be expensive having to replace your windows and doors; this is often one reason why homeowners are reluctant to upgrade to double glazing.

The secondary glazing option available at Modern Shades Solutions has been able to eliminate the need to remove or replace your windows, which is usually the case with traditional double glazing.

Instead, the retrofit technology is quick and relatively disruption free and can be applied to your existing windows, so there is no need for major restructure work.

Energy Efficiency

Since this technology reduces the air’s ability to enter or escape your home through windows and doors, this can have a huge impact on your heating/ cooling bills.

Your windows will reduce the airflow inside your home. The result of this is that your home will be easier to heat and cool, which reduces the need for other heating and cooling systems.

Is this technology a modern glazing solution?

When you look at the benefits of secondary glazing, it is evident why it is considered to be an appealing alternative to double glazing. The biggest appeal being that there are minimal disruption and no major restructure work required.

However, as with everything, retrofit double glazing may not be the alternative modern solution it first appears to be. Compared to double glazing, secondary glazing offers at least half the insulation. There is also an increase chance of damage due to condensation.

Also, compared to double glazing you will find that secondary glazing is not as airtight. However, this does not take away from the fact that both double and secondary glazing is far better than single glazing, which offers virtually no insulation, noise, and thermal protection.

The benefits of secondary glazing compared to double glazing are price, reversibility, and no need to restructure your building. Secondary glazing is still considered an attractive solution to modern glazing. It is understandable why Modern Shading Solutions would decide to offer this service.

So, if you’re looking to improve insulation in your home and you would like a method which is efficient, cheap, quick, and will cause little disruption then why not consider retrofit double glazing?

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