What Your Colors are Telling Your Customers? (Content Princess – SEO)

Simultaneously intuitive and complicated, colour choice shows your customers a lot about you. The colours you choose and how you combine them are sending your customers messages, of which you may not be aware.

Color choice

The design of any space sets the tone for the interactions that take place there. This includes everything, even the colour you choose. A few spots of vibrancy are bold and uplifting, while softer colours and shades of white give a sense of space and tranquillity, according to ezibuy.com.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that “Paint colour is an expression of your personality,” and this holds true for everything you find yourself designing. According to realsimple.com, colours such as yellow and orange (and all of their many variations) present you as being cheerful and welcoming. Blues, lavenders, and green are associated with nature and give your clients a sense of tranquillity and calmness.  

Colours associated with precious gems (think sapphire, topaz, and ruby) say that you are creative, outgoing, and creative. If this is your choice of colour scheme, you send the message that you are skilled at creating intimacy in an imposing space. If neutrals such as beige, ivory, and grey appeal to you, you are presenting yourself as practical and steady.

Color combinations

Use combinations of colours to your advantage. While there are many ways to combine colours when designing something, knowing a few of the fundamental aspects allow you to focus on a particular aspect without overwhelming your guests.

The simplest colour scheme is that of complementary colours. Some examples are combinations of blue and orange, yellow and purple, or red and green. According to freshome.com, using a neutral background with these combinations allows you to draw the eye to a particular aspect of what you’re designing. If you’re looking to accentuate a particular view or piece of art, centre it in these colours! It won’t be missed.

In contrast, you could choose an analogous colour scheme. This allows you to have similar colours throughout the room. Think of a combination of red, orange, and yellow to create a warm, glowing environment. This is a slightly less jarring take on the complementary colour scheme and gives your space a more relaxing feel.

You can also have a monochromatic colour scheme. This would be a combination of black, white, and grey to give your space a sense of calm. What you are looking to achieve in your space determines the colour scheme you choose.

Designing your space

We have barely touched the surface in designing basics. As you can see, even the colour you want is meaningful and conveys a message to your clients. It also serves as the basis of your corporate identity.

Let us help you create the message that you want to send. We create logo designs and presentations, and can even help you build your entire brand if you’d like! Never pre-made and always authentic, we deliver professional designs that sure to catch the eye.

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What your brand’s colours say about you (Content Princess – SEO)

First impressions do count!

The ‘primacy and recency’ effect is well-recognized in psychology, this is why first impressions are so important. The very first pieces of information that a person stumbles across when searching for something new are the ones most likely to stay in the memory, and for your brand, this means your logo design is crucial. It’s the thing that people will immediately mentally identify with your business, so make sure you find something that speaks to the people you’re trying to reach out!

According to market research and psychological surveys, 51{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of brands use one colour only. Advertisements in colour are read 42{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} more often than those in black and white, brand recognition increases 80{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} with colour, and up to 90{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of judgments can be based on colour alone.

The associations behind certain colours

Many widely recognizable brands use a consistent colour scheme based on one particular colour as a core part of their brand identity. The colour is carefully chosen to convey a particular message, culture or set of values. Intuitively, you will recognise the connection between colour and image for many of these brands, even if it’s not something you may have thought about consciously. Here are some examples:

The colour red is widely known to be a ‘power colour’ but is also associated with and passion and represents success, which is why companies like Coca-Cola and Virgin use it. Blue represents integrity, trust, and communication, and is used by Samsung and Facebook. Black represents luxury and is often used in more upmarket brands, while yellow represents fun and creativity.

Colour shades and combinations

Colours come in all different shades and can be combined in countless different ways to produce compelling subliminal messages and possibilities. Colour palettes number in the tens of thousands, and knowing which shades to use, and the best colour combination to use in your brand logo can seem like a daunting task!

Certain combinations of colours can bring up powerful feelings or memories in potential customers, according to psychological research and colour theory. Pastel pinks, oranges, mauves, and purples can conjure up imagery of a tropical sunset and feelings of warmth, while a colour palette including mint green, cadet blue, and blue-black is calming and reminiscent of nature and cold mornings.

Choosing the right colour combination for your brand requires a degree of expertise and experience. Every colour represents a set of ideas, and some colours are unsuited to individual businesses while extremely well-suited to others.

Thankfully, this is not a decision that needs to be made on your own. Tailor Brands specialises in quickly finding just the right colour combinations that your brand needs to stand out against the competition really, and our bespoke services have helped hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. We offer our expertise and experience at a very affordable price. Check us out and see what we can do for you to make your brand stand out from the crowd!

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Analytics 3.0 (machine learning) (Content Princess – SEO)

Analytics 3.0 is the process of creating algorithms for machine learning which allow computers systems to operate as a human. The reasons for building such systems are numerous: programming computers to perform tasks which humans can do would enable people to spend their time in more rewarding endeavors, freeing up the power of the human mind to tackle more complex tasks instead of those which can be performed by computers.

Also, automation of tedious or repetitive processes reduces the likelihood of human error, while also improving the speed at which those tasks are performed. In turn, this allows for greater productivity and improved quality of life.

Autonomous cars

The potential applications of machine learning may be numerous. A well-publicised potential benefit includes:

  1. The possibility of autonomous vehicles
  2. which promises advantages including reduced incidence of road traffic accidents caused by human error [1]
  3. reducedlabor costs of hiring workers to drive vehicles [2,3]
  4. increased mobility for disabled people, the elderly and children [4, 5, 6]
  5. a myriad of benefits related to ease and speed of transport

Indeed, the amount of time gained by busy workers not having to drive vehicles and instead using their time for other purposes such as work or relaxation could significantly increase productivity as well as improve quality of life

Medical research and practice

Another potential utility of machine learning is the application of machine learning processes to medical investigation and provision. Modern medical institutions generate substantial amounts of data for both research and clinical applications, and automation of the processes involved in collecting and acting upon such data may greatly facilitate the best possible medical provision [7].

With the advent of genotyping and DNA analysis as a standard process in medical research, making sense of the large quantities of data that are generated has become an ideal application for machine learning processes [8].

Climate change modeling

Climate change presents a significant number of threats to a large number of people across a wide variety of locations. Climate change modeling can help address this problem by providing accurate insights into the effects that changes in climate will have different geographical regions as well as the populations which exist within them.

However, accurate predictions of changes in climate must make use of a large dataset of climate information with a large number of variables. Machine learning can help to make sense of that data in real-time, allowing for accurate forecasts and the appropriate responses to be made [9].


With an ever-increasing range of threats to personal safety in the modern world, the application of machine learning to security devices and processes may allow governments and organizations to detect anomalies which would otherwise be missed by humans in a similar role [10].

The development of computer systems which can respond in real-time will help address security concerns more quickly and safely. Internet and credit card fraud detection are other potential applications of machine learning processes [11].

Natural language processing and linguistics

Natural language processing is another area where machine learning techniques can be utilized. Analysing the large datasets of spoken and written language is a task suitable for machine learning technologies, and development in this area could lead to computers which analyze spoken and written language more intelligently, and importantly, more humanely [12].

Hostile artificial intelligence

Despite the numerous potential benefits that machine learning provides, there are some limitations and implications which deserve some attention. First of these is the commonly-held belief in the possibility of artificial intelligence acting outside of the interests of humanity.

This belief, however, is based on the principle that machine can experience some consciousness, and with it, the ability to choose to act in a manner which is against the interest of humanity. This scenario is unlikely if we consider the machine to be entities which do what we program them to do. A more likely scenario is one in which the people who build this artificial intelligence do not fully account for all the variables that the machine is faced with, leading to unpredictable results.

This, in turn, would give an appearance of the device acting outside of the interests of the people who work with it. So, while the machine is working outside the benefit of those it serves, it is nonetheless doing what it is programmed to do. A solution to this issue may be in the recognition that the environment which the machine operates in is perpetually changing and that the device must adapt to this change, which consequently creates a need for additional input from the programmers of the computer.


An additional problem associated with the use of machine learning processes is the possibility of a centralized database concentrated in the hands of too few people. This, in theory, could lead to abuses of power.

Also, the concentration of datasets into the hands of a small number of organizations could result in monopolies, and potentially to prices which are inclusive of only those able to pay for the technology, such as high net worth individuals.

However, the solution has the opposite problem, in that if the data which machine learning algorithms rely on are free to be manipulated by a variety of courses, it would be tough to create standardized software solutions which work well together. This could lead to vulnerabilities in the software or otherwise reduce its effectiveness.

Responsibility for failure

While machine learning technologies such as autonomous vehicles promise a great deal, there are some serious reservations regarding who should take responsibility for any failures which occur. While reductions in the incidence of road traffic accidents are likely based on this technology, even a single safety failure could lead to significant legal implications.

It remains to be seen at what point a passenger of a vehicle becomes a driver. With the gradual implementation of autonomy that some organizations are incorporating, there needs to be a thorough discussion about the responsibilities of the driver and what components of the vehicles they are responsible for, as well as which ones they are not.

Also, the organizations which are developing this technology need to address the issue of who is to blame should one of the technologies which they are responsible for fails and leads to an accident.


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Healthy Tips and Recipes (Content Princess – SEO)

Our world is full of unhealthy drinks, snacks, and fast food. As a culinary student in Southern California, I learned some tricks to turn unhealthy favorites into yummy and healthy alternatives. While there is a misconception that everything healthy is vegetarian, it isn’t true. Even vegetarian diets can have harmful components. I will share some of my secrets even your kids will love!

Replacing Rice

Rice is a big staple in a lot of different cultures’ diets, but when trying to cut down on carbs and calories there is a healthy alternative. This little secret will get even your kids to eat their vegetables without even knowing it. Use cauliflower rice to replace the rice. Cauliflower rice has a similar texture to rice and even looks like it. No one will know the difference. In my household, rice and beans are something we eat quite often for lunch. I switched to cauliflower rice, and my kids didn’t even notice. Try out this recipe next time you have left over chicken.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl using Cauliflower Rice

  • Chicken breast (2 cups shredded)
  • Spinach (4 cups)
  • Sugar snap peas (1 cup)
  • Orange bell pepper (you can use red or yellow bell pepper)
  • Yellow and red cherry tomatoes (1 cup)
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  • Cauliflower rice (2 cups)

Take your bell pepper, thinly slice it and set aside until ready to sauté. Cut all your tomatoes in halves or quarters depending on your preference. Once everything is chopped, lightly drizzle the EVOO into a pan on a medium high heat. Add all the vegetables and the pre-shredded chicken into the pan to sauté. Once all the contents are nice and hot, add about 6 table spoons of teriyaki sauce.

While sautéing your chicken and vegetables, start heating the cauliflower rice in a separate pan.

Tip: You should always keep a food thermometer in the kitchen. A safe temperature for food to be served is between 145-170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once it is all at a safe food temperature, place cauliflower rice in a bowl and top with your teriyaki chicken and vegetable mixture. It is now ready to eat.

There are many different recipes with cauliflower rice. And talk about a cut in the calories! Cauliflower rice has only 25 calories per cup versus 199 calories per cup of white rice or 216 calories per cup of brown rice.

Say No to Sodas

While sodas have a huge market for drinks, they are extremely unhealthy and full of calories. There are 138 calories per can of Coca Cola, one of the leading brands of soft drinks. You don’t have to cut carbonated drinks out of your diet but try switching from sodas to flavored carbonated water which has zero calories. If you have kids that don’t like to drink water, this is a great trick because it has all the ‘fizzle’ kids love but none of the calories and harmful ingredients sodas have.

Carbonated water also satisfies thirst while soda makes you thirstier. Carbonated waters will you give the sugar crash that you get from sodas. In my opinion, there are also more flavors of carbonated water to choose from, as compared to sodas.

Healthy Tips and Tricks

Here are some healthy tips and tricks to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle:

  • To follow healthy eating eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with small snacks in between meals. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or cookies as a snack try having fresh fruit or nuts. Even a small portion of yoghurt and granola would be a great healthy snack.
  • Fish holds a significant bit of Omega 3’s (ALA, EPA and DHA). EPA and DHA can help with stiffness in joints. DHA is essential for neurological and visual development in infants. After much research cultures with diets that contain higher levels of Omega 3’s have a decreased rate of depression and bipolar disorders. It doesn’t hurt to increase your intake of fish.
  • Your brain can sometimes trick you to think you are hungry when you are indeed thirsty, and vice versa. Try drinking water when you start getting hungry between snacks and meals. But at the same time, you don’t want to drink way too much water. Try to drink in moderation. Eating in moderation is also a good thing to practice.
  • Always try to make time for breakfast! Breakfast is the meal that is the most important. It gives you that energy boost to get your day going right. You will notice your ability to focus better as well as an increase in your metabolism. Remember that eating in moderations is important! Eating breakfast in the morning will cause a chain reaction to not overeat during later meals and snacks.

While the list of healthy tips and tricks can go on and on, you don’t have to get overwhelmed. You have to find what best fits you and your family. Staying healthy can be easy if you put your mind to it and be creative. Positive thinking will also promote a healthier lifestyle. It is up to you to get out and exercise, eat healthily and live healthily.


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Why The New iPad Is A Big Deal? (Content Princess – SEO)

This Is The iPad We’ve Been Waiting For

The New iPad – A Bigger, Better Experience

If you’re like most people, your iPad is a Netflix machine that doubles as a social media wonderland and throws in a jukebox and an arcade.  The new iPad is more so.

Tell me about the price! I will just let me say a few other things first.

First things first – it’s called the iPad. No numbers or fancy names like Air – like you’re buying basketball shoes.  Just iPad.  That’s what it is.  It’s THE iPad.

The Air 2 was a skinny little thing at 6.1 mm thick and felt almost fragile when holding it.  This iPad is an easier to hold 7.5 mm with rounded corners and a smooth (but not slick) back. Total size specs are 240×169.5×7.5mm, so it fits great in your hands and gives you a 9.7” screen. It weighs in at one pound, with an aluminium uni-body construction for durability.

You still have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor – and that’s getting bigger and bigger with payment options, such as Apple Pay in apps and websites.

Did We Say Screen?

The iPad has a shinier screen than the Air2 without the Air 2’s anti-reflective coating. It’s a whopping 25{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} brighter and superior for off-axis viewing.  Can you say bolder, brighter picture with a vivid high-res Retina display?  I thought you could. Enjoy that next Netflix binge even more.

Tell me about the price!  I’ll get to it.

With a performance upgraded A9 chip (the Air 2 had an A8), the new iPad supports split screening with two apps at once – and other advanced features. It’s a bigger, better iPad experience.

Social Media Magician

The new iPad has an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.2 mp FaceTime HD camera, so you’re still in good hands, and you can shoot 1080p HD video.

So what do you do with all that imagery tech?  You can edit all your imagery right on your iPad using Photos, iMovie, or even your favourite app.  Lights, camera, action – ready for your Facebook and YouTube stardom.

Games and Music Aficionado

So with everything going on with the new iPad’s display, A9 chip, and iOS 10, your gaming experience will be that much upgraded too.  And the iTunes store still has everything you need music-wise.  You do have two speakers instead of the four that the Air 2 has, but they’re not the tiny little phone-like speakers that you see on some other tablets. You still have excellent sound quality as you play from your iTunes library or stream from Apple Music.

But what’s The BIG DEAL, Lucille?

Tell me about the price!  Okay, okay – I’ll tell you about the price.

Everyone knows that you have to pay for quality and everyone knows that Apple means quality.  The first iPads would run you $500 way back in the day. The Air 2 when it came out was $629 for the 16GB model, $729 for the 64GB model and $829 for the 128GB model suggested retail price.

Would you believe me if I told you that you could get the new 32GB iPad with WiFi – in Gold, Silver, or Space Gray – for just $329.99?  What!?  Only $329.99!  About half as much as an iPad Pro.  Believe it.

And the new 128GB iPad with WiFi in any of the same colours for just $429.99?  Believe that too.

The new, upgraded iPad for only $329.99. Wow. Just, wow.

Should I Buy One?

Is this a trick question?

Seriously – If you have an Air 2 already, you can hang on to it for awhile and still be okay.  If this is your first iPad, or you have an older model, now is the time for the new iPad.  The price is a HUGE selling point – and this is upgraded Apple quality.  And the $329.99 is almost impulse buy money. 

So don’t run to the store – wouldn’t want you to trip and fall – but walk on into the store and get your new iPad.  They’ll be selling like hotcakes, but you can’t watch Netflix on a hotcake.

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Thought IVF isn’t an option? Here’s why you’re wrong! (Content Princess – SEO)

If you’re looking for a way to have children but are unable to do so in the traditional way, IVF is one of the better options available in many parts of the world. First carried out in 1978 in the UK, IVF is an alternative method carried out for those who cannot have children due to unforeseen complications or other forms of infertility.

These can include lowered sperm counts, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, problems with ovulation among others. For the most part, in-vitro fertilisation offers a means to move past these problems.

A medical process

The convenient method involves the fertilising of eggs outside the womb; both eggs and sperm are removed from their respective parts and artificially joined to form an embryo; this embryo is then placed inside a woman’s uterus where it grows as it normally would into a human baby. It is then up to the mother to carefully nurture it to full size, ready for birth after nine months.

IVF typically comprises six main steps:

  1. Suppressing a woman’s menstruation cycle with medication
  2. Boosting a woman’s egg supplies to use for fertilisation: This involves a form of stimulation using specific hormones, offering a better chance of pregnancy using IVF.
  3. Carefully monitoring and growing the eggs while they are still in the ovaries using an ultrasound scan.
  4. Collecting the eggs with a needle inserted into the ovaries: Any pain is suppressed by an injection to make you sleep.
  5. Fertilising the eggs when outside the womb using the chosen sperm
  6. Transferring the fertilised eggs back into the womb for embryo growth (Usually one or two). The drug progesterone is used to attach the embryo to the umbilical cord.

After completion of the process, a pregnancy test is carried out two weeks later to check if the operation was successful.

As far as recommendations go, women under 43 are usually the best suited to IVF treatment; most often request the treatment after two years of attempting pregnancy with unprotected sex. The use of IVF has broadened depending on age. Women under 37 years old can receive three separate cycles of IVF, given one embryo while for women aged 41-42, two embryos may be given over one single cycle. Discussing this is important.

Consideration should be a high priority

In-vitro fertilisation, an alternative means of pregnancy through the sophistication of science is available at most major health clinics, who have plenty of information for any aspiring parents to look over and consider. However, despite the ability of modern hospitals to deliver the operation, the safety and effectiveness of IVF treatment can vary depending on where you choose to do the operation; you should always check how your personal information will be used as well as the overall success rates of overseas in-vitro fertilisation procedures. If you’re able to look past its drawbacks and background research, IVF can offer conducive means for parents to push past their difficulties and become parents.

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Eight places to shop for stylish unbranded apparel at rock bottom prices in Bangalore! (Content Princess – SEO)

You do like to look good right? Sure you do. Dressing well and keeping on-trend is a big part of most people’s daily life. But it can certainly be an expensive business. You like to look the part, and you don’t want to be covered in branded clothes (branding is tacky, don’t you think? Makes you look like a human billboard), but at the same time, one needs to keep an eye on the money. So where do you go? Well here are eight of the best places to shop in Bangalore for stylish clothes at rock bottom prices.

  1. Chickpet

The vibrant street market in the heart of the city is one for the intrepid shopper.  Leave the car behind and navigate the narrow street and alleys on foot. Located in the centre of the city, it’s one of Bangalore’s oldest shopping districts. You can find nearly anything here, and it’s always reasonably priced, just be prepared to haggle. If you’re feeling brave, this is the place for bargain apparel.

  1. Brigade Road

It’s all happening as you walk down Brigade Road. One of the busiest commercial districts of the city, it has an excellent blend of old and new as trendy shops rub up against traditional street stalls. There’s something for everyone here, prepare to lose hours of your life to shopping, but be confident that you’ll be able to buy seriously stylish clothes at the best prices.

  1. Commercial Street

The clue’s in the name, isn’t it? If you want it, it’s for sale on Commercial Road. Right in the middle of the action, this bustling thoroughfare is packed with great bargains, but you need to have your wits about you to get them for the right price.

  1. Safina Plaza

This one is a pro-tip from the locals. Everyone in Bangalore knows Safina Plaza. Situated on Infantry Road, its great mix of stores and stalls guarantees you’ll find something chic at a bargain price.

  1. MG Road

One of the highlights of Bangalore clothes shopping. The busy commercial hub of MG Road is packed full of clothes; packed with shoppers from the get-go the local competition keeps prices low (and there’s plenty of food stalls if all that shopping is making you hungry).

  1. The Forum Value Mall

In Whitefield, to the east of the city centre, you’ll find Forum Value mall, which, as the name suggests, is packed full of reasonably priced branded shops. A must visit for the price and style conscious.

  1. Majestic Market

If you’re looking for cheap unbranded clothes, then look no further. The well-connected (train and bus stations nearby) Majestic Market is packed with them. Again, be prepared to bargain to get the very best value.

  1. Gollar Lane

Looking to accessorize? Gollar Lane is the place to go to get quality, stylish footwear and bags at insanely low prices. After all, you don’t want to let the rest of your outfit down with wrong shoes now, do you?

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8 Places to Shop for Stylish Unbranded Apparel at Rock Bottom Prices in Bangalore (Content Princess – SEO)

Bangalore, the city of gardens, is alive with its fashion trends.  It is an excellent place to shop.  Shopping venues are ranging from small retail outlets to large multi-faceted hyper malls.  You can find stylish unbranded apparel at low prices.

Brigade Road – An Economic Destination for Apparel

You should go to Brigade Road if you are looking for economical shopping.  There are numerous stores with an extensive collection of jewellery and stylish clothes.

Malleswaram – Bargain Shopping

You will discover great shopping from street vendors and small retail shops.

Chickpet – Another Interesting Shopping Experience

You will enjoy visiting Chickpet.  It is one of the oldest shopping areas.  It has an outstanding history of almost 400 years. You can shop for clothing at very low prices. This commercial area is narrow and crowded, but Bangaloreans can experience the shops here to get the best clothes at a competitive price.

M.G. Road – A Shopper’s Paradise

This street is one of the busiest business areas in Bangalore.  Every tourist must experience this shopping destination for stylish clothes.

Commercial Street – A Major Shopping Destination for Apparel

Commercial Street is famous for trading in clothes.  The downside is that there are only 75 parking slots available on the street for four-wheelers.  The bustling street is the most crowded in the city. When you brave the crowds, you will discover both local products and international brands.

Marathahalli – A Busy Marketplace

There are numerous factory outlets and seconds shops.  It is a perfect place for best prices for apparel. You should visit The Forum, Mantri Square and Garuda Mall voted as the three best malls in Marathahalli.

Renting Clothes – The Alternative

Rent a Style is an online fashion venue.  It is steered by technology and new age philosophy.  It aims to give you the opportunity to look forward with style and shifting trends.

You will get the complete look for every event, occasion or special day with accessories and full grooming.

  •    You choose from the contemporary apparel collection for an express delivery of a four-day rental.
  •    They transport the outfits and complete look in 2 hours.
  •    They will collect, dry clean and keep the outfit fresh and crisp.

Klozee is a preferred fashion rental supplier recently opened in Bangalore.  It has an extensive collection of ethnic and western apparel.  You can rent them at a fraction of the cost.

  •    Express delivery within 3 hours anywhere in Bangalore.
  •    You get the outfit for two days, and you can pre-book any day in the future.
  •    There is a strict quality – control policy.

Shopping Malls in Bangalore – Shop for Apparel Under One Roof

The Forum Mall- popular with tourists. It has retail outlets with stylish apparel to choose.

The Orion Mall – an upgraded shopping mall entices a lot of shoppers.  It has a vibrant atmosphere and hosts fashion shows.

If you are looking for trendy apparel that doesn’t cost the earth, you won’t be disappointed in the City of Gardens. You can choose to buy or rent and shop in small retail stores or big shopping malls.  Either way, you will get an excellent bargain.

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Lenders in the Millennial Temple: Revolutionizing Mortgages in the Digital Age

Just a few brief decades ago, almost no one had internet access. Now, the internet has fully invaded every industry, and housing mortgages are no exception.

The housing market has struggled in grabbing the new millennial consumer audience. Research shows that, largely due to the emergence of the sharing economy and changing generational values, young people are not buying homes or cars.

Compared to their parents’ generation, hardly any millennials plan on buying a home in the next decade. Mortgage rates are low, and employment rates are high, but it is simply not a priority for many.

How are mortgage companies capturing millennial audiences?

Instead of trying to rope in young audiences with expansive ad campaigns or through rate incentives, some mortgage companies are taking a different approach. Instead of getting the customer to come to them, they are picking up their businesses and taking it to the customer. And where else could millennials be but – you guessed it – the internet.

It is widely known that millennials essentially live on the internet. They conduct much of their public and private business online. They are the children of the internet age – the expectation is that information on products (in this case, homes) will be readily available, easily accessible and accurate.

Information Access is the key appeal for younger generations

Companies like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com operate well-interfaced real estate search engines that cater to young people’s preference for finding information online rather than heading to an office or hiring a real estate agent.

This online search capability gives a sense of power to the buyer, as they feel they have more control over their finances and future when they are secure that they have accurate information and are not being exploited by a salesperson.

Online mortgages have also entirely changed the lending market. By moving from banks to the web, more peoplecan take out mortgages and gather information about the best rates applicable to them.

Most millennials want to do as much of the homebuying process as possible by themselves, but eventually many also want the affirmation of a real, expert agent. Therefore, even though mortgages are being steadily shifted into the online world, it can never quite push out the importance of loan agents and realtors.

There are plenty of benefits to online mortgage boom, but some negative impacts as well

Online mortgages are often acquired at the lowest possible rates, but without the help of an expert to walk you through the entire process and regulations.

This could actually lead to additional costs down the line due to a lack of understanding of the terms of a mortgage.

However, current technology has made us biased towards the belief that most large purchases can be made very quickly, an aspect where online mortgages have a huge advantage over traditional ones.

Advisory HQ published their recent list of the best-rated online mortgage companies, including:

-Sebonic Financial

These companies all have a few things in common which determine online lenders’ success:
  -Understandable online interface
-Customizable products
-Low rates
-Fast turnover

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Here’s Why Customer Onboarding is More Than Just Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is essentially gaining new customers which involves convincing consumers to buy a company’s products and services.

Customer onboarding is a phrase used to describe the method users go through from the beginning of the journey to becoming a customer and beyond it. While both are interrelated customer onboarding goes a lot further than customer acquisition.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition management points to the methodologies and systems used for handling customer potential and inquiries. Many marketing methods generate them, which need strategy and forethought. The process:

  • Potential customers are identified through mailing lists and call centres. Consumers and businesses who already use or show an interest in similar products to those of your business are determined.
  • Companies assess the needs further, using research methods. If the prospect of getting this new customer seems viable, his status is elevated, and he is assigned to a salesperson.
  • Most customer acquisition programs then involve establishing an association with potential consumers to determine their need and how the offered products relate to those needs.
  • Staff will attempt to ascertain unstated needs determined by interactions and continuing conversations with the prospects.
Word of Mouth – For Customer Acquisition
Word of Mouth (W.O.M.) continues to be the most successful marketing channel

for acquiring new customers and leads. In a Bright Local survey, 28{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of participants indicated that W.O.M. is the most effective of 12 online and offline channels. The next three most effective were online marketing channels. SEO is the most successful marketing channel according to 1 in 5 respondents. 15{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} cited online local directories and 10{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} email marketing. Word of Mouth is still the most frequently cited expressions in marketing.

Customer Onboarding

Successful customer onboarding results in your customers becoming enthusiastic about your product or service. It gives the consumers useful information and engagement to ensure they get the most from their purchases.

Some advantages are:

  • Revenue – If your customers are onboard, they will stay with your product or service and continue doing business with you. This will improve total conversions and lessen customer acquisition costs.
  • Recurrent Business – It’s a considerable loss to lose regular revenue when you have secured a customer. Customers who have gone through a robust “out-boarding” process are more likely to stay with you.

20{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of existing customers can contribute to 80{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of a corporation’s future income (Gartner Group). However, research has shown that most B2B companies allocate only 20{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of promotion efforts towards retaining customers.

  • Word of Mouth – Your customer’s experience successful outcomes with your product or service and are happy with the quality thereof. They’ll want to speak to their contacts about you.

 More than 92{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of consumers base their purchase choices on peer reviews. Word of mouth is promoting, and referrals can direct serious revenue to your business.

  • Reduced Customer Service Load – Your customers are better educated on gaining success from your product or service. They are less likely to have issues in the early adoption stages.

All Your Teams Can Be Involved in Customer Onboarding

It involves:

  • Marketing
  • Customer Service.
  • Technical Support.
  • Sales and Account Management.

Customer Onboarding is a more intensive and a longer process than the initial customer acquisition. It also involves all the teams in the business. Digital Customer Onboarding is a top priority for 2017 according to 80{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of 200 attendees in a recent Digital Account Openings webcast.

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