Celebs’ Shenanigans Days Before Thanksgiving

Justine Bieber Vs Fan

What happens when a male fan cannot control himself around Justin Bieber? Apparently, he gets punched in the face. This was precisely what took place when a fan ran up to Justin Bieber just as his car pulled up in Barcelona.

The fan had put his hand into the car, almost touching Bieber. It all happened so fast that it took a minute for the fan to realise that his mouth was bleeding.

The fan’s friends expressed their shock. It was hard to tell if it was more shocking that he was bleeding or that Justin Bieber had got that aggressive.

Well, this fan can say that he got close to Justin Bieber, albeit only for a minute.

Jason Derulo’s Nightclub Brawl

Jason Derulo was caught in the middle of a nightclub fight. It went to the point that police officers had to wield their weapons.

It looked about closing time at Bootsy Bellows. The crowd outside gave no indication of how or when the tussle started. As soon as things got heated up, Jason jumped into the brawl to put in a few punches and kicks.

The L.A. deputies wasted no time to disperse the situation. Their weapon of choice, stun bag rifles. The mere presence of the officers was enough.

Best night ever for someone.


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