Case Study: APF Website Development Success (Content Strategi)

Case Study: APF Website Development Success

A major automobile dealer based in South California had asked us to solve some technical problems they were facing. Among other changes, we shifted their
site from Joomla to AWS.

What were the challenges we faced?

The customer approached us with the following technical problems, as identified by a third party:

  • Shifting the mode of payment of automobile loans online. Specifically:
    • The technical side of online transactions – making sure the portal worked.
    • Getting the people to trust the brand and the process.
  • The client could not make the following desired modifications because it would affect the other websites using the same host:
    • Disabling FTP
    • Enabling SFTP
    • Secure SSH
  • Increasing the reliability, security, and transparency of the hosting provider.

The AWS and PreludeSys Solution

  • We moved the website built on Joomla! CMS to AWS.
  • By purchasing a Reserved Instance through AWS, we were able to reduce the costs of maintaining the website.

Did the benefits bear fruit?

  • We had moved the website to AWS in June 2015. The client tells us there has been no downtime ever since.
  • The client has also informed us that they have received no customer complaints about the website.

In A Nutshell

The client requested our help to improve their website. With our expertise, we were able to successfully shift their website and alleviate those problems.
The solutions, according to the client’s feedback, have been sustainable.


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