Details Emerge of Kanye West`s Hospitalisation!

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Kanye West, after being hospitalised on Monday for what was described as “further assessment” by the Los Angeles fire department, details are now emerging regarding the nature of his detention.

Kanye`s mother in law, Kris Jenner, was quoted as saying that fatigue caused by extensive touring was to blame for the star rappers apparent breakdown. “He`s had a gruelling tour and just needs some rest,” she said in an interview with US-based TV Show Extra.

It is claimed that he was initially reluctant to go to the hospital but changed his mind after speaking with his physician. He was reportedly handcuffed for his safety as he was “behaving erratically” an unknown source told People Magazine. It is believed that a friend called the emergency services.

People close to Kanye feel that he is close to burnout and that he needs to drop some of his commitments to take time out to recover. After going public with an attack on Jay-Z, Beyonce and several others at a concert in California the other day, Kanye has sure had an eventful week! Sources claim that he is “doing well” in the hospital and that he will be given a discharge shortly.

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