Essential Reasons You Should Be Using A Responsive Website

Responsive Website Keeps Business Ahead Of Competition

Mobile device usage and dependency is growing worldwide at a very rapid pace. By 2020, it is estimated that around 70 percent of the global population will be using smartphones and 6.1 billion smartphones will be in circulation. This shows mobile proliferation is taking over internet surfing.

People are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for tasks that were earlier completed on their desktops. Hence, it is particularly essential for businesses to have websites that are adaptable to the fast-changing technological advancements of society.

Creating a responsive website is a readily achievable solution for all savvy business owners that want to ensure their clients can surf and search information about their services and products on all kinds of devices including tablets, desktop, phone, etc.

Website’s Mobile Presence Is Vital In Google Ranking

Google has revised their search engine algorithms in 2015, which now considers website’s mobile presence in its ranking method. This reason further accelerates the need for responsive website design that also takes into account users on smaller screens.

An adaptable website design is a single website with one URL and one content source that can seamlessly convert itself to fit into different screen sizes based on the user.

That means even when viewing from newer devices including smartwatches, IoT devices, etc., it should cater all kinds of clients needs. This flexibility of the site also enhances its visibility on search engines.

Adaptable Website Design Increases User Traffic

For the companies, it increases their reach to clients on mobile devices that are accounting to be a significantly larger population. It improves lead generation, deals, and conversions. Also, site management, tracking, and reporting become easier.

Mobile Friendly Websites Optimize Browsing Experience

For clients, responsive sites permit them to search for their products and services from the internet using the device of their conveniences such as a mobile or a tablet without distorting the appearance of the website. People are comfortable using their smartphones to search for all their work and life requirements.

However, if the text of the site is jumbled, photo not aligned and scrolling through pages is not simple, smooth and seamless then users are not driven towards it. Hence, a responsive website is a winning situation for both users who value their convenience and companies that want to retain mobile viewers as their clients.

Mobile Compatible Site Is Cost Effective

2Responsive website design will prove to be a time and cost saver for the companies. Instead of operating two versions of one website, allowing them to stay ahead of their rivals that are not mobile-ready.

Creating an adaptable webpage might initially seem to be an expensive process but in the long run, the benefits that come like the decreased expenditure of maintaining two individual sites, etc., will outweigh the costs, reflecting monetary savings.

It is also more comfortable and time-saving to set up and keep a single website compared to having the same as two sites. Also, it convenient to provide custom-made offers on a single site based on location user’s location to drive traffic to your website.

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