Fashion Trends you need to Know This Winter!

As the Starks warned us time and again, winter is coming, and autumn is here. We are desperately trying to stock our wardrobes with the latest trends. Feeling clueless? Clueless about what to buy?

Help is here! I present to you top 12 autumn/winter trends of 2016.

1. Animal Prints

Bring out your wild side. Put on those furs. And go out on a prowl.

Animal prints were a big hit on runways this year, ranging from jackets to dresses to fur coats. There was particular emphasis on leopard prints.

2. Get your Combat Mode on

Military styles are back. Military jackets are cropping up in almost every fashion week. You can also opt for military sweaters which are dirty green.

Edge up your look with combat boots.

3. Velvet Smooth

Velvet is a going to be a big trend this year. The dark fabric was used extensively on runways.

There were velvet gowns, jackets, and even three piece suits.

You can’t go wrong with velvet in your wardrobe

4. Puffa Jackets

Oversized puffa jackets are the next big thing. Whether you are a guy or a girl you need to have this as a part of your repertoire.

With the weather taking a chilly turn, these jackets are practical.

Go for clothes in shocking colours.

5. Pink & Purple

Everything ranging from baby pink through magenta, to purple and mauve is in vogue!

Embrace these colours.

Wear them from head to toe. Or add a single piece of this colour. But you need to have something belonging to this colour palette.

6. Not a Fan of Pink?

Don’t worry. Midnight blue and hot reds are in too.

Give your outfit a regal look with a velvet midnight blue jacket. Or rock a party look with a sexy red dress.

7. Get Sporty

It’s time you stop wearing sweatshirts only to the gym.

Team sweatshirts with leather pants or flowy skirts. Even sporty sweaters would work.

You can also go for a jumpsuit on the same lines.

8. Bling it Out

Loads of weddings usually accompany winter. Consider this trend as a boon. Because bling is here.

Shiny brocades, sequined gowns, rhinestone, covered dresses, all this is super trendy this winter.

9. Puff up

The eighties trend is not going away. Puff sleeves are here to stay.

You can find jackets and blazers with puff sleeves everywhere. You can also opt for a leg of mutton sleeves to give it a twist.

10. Check this Out

This season, go for checks. Prince Wales checks and tartan checks are ideal.

Get trendy at the office by wearing a checkered dress.

Or become a part of winter fashion by only wearing check pants.

11. One Shoulder Ruffles

A rather strange trend, these were seen primarily in the eighties.

They comprise of one shoulder draped with ruffles. You can have a dress, a gown or a top with this style.

It may not be the most practical style for the winters, but it sure is the hottest.

12. Chunky Earrings

This autumn, bring life to your outfit by combining them with large chunky earrings. Ditch neckpieces and bracelets.

Let the earrings be the primary focus of your outfit.

PS: Take hints from Deepika Padukone.

13. Biker Chic

The biker jacket trend continues. There are tonnes of variants out there. Try each and every flavour.

Leather jackets with knitted sleeves or jackets with floral patches or fur collars. They all look super fresh and amazing!

At the end of all this, comfort is the key. Wear what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel good. Setting fashion trends of your own is ok.

Go ahead! Happy shopping!

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