This is why the Future is all about Contextual Content Marketing…

This is why the Future is all about Contextual Content Marketing…

Customer delight is no longer as simple as it used to be about two decades ago. That is when content alone would engage the customer and drive revenue growth. Not anymore…

We are now in a highly connected world, and as more and more information becomes available to the marketer, customer expectations about personalization and delight soar extraordinarily high.

For the marketer, availability of personalized information is highly rewarding as it enables delivery of content based on time, place, person and the ideal medium and strategy.

We Have Now Moved from Content Marketing to Contextual Marketing

Contextualmarketing, the buzzword that culminates all of this, is the next generation thinking that will drive a truly personalized customer experience.

This new marketing focus in the Internet era is slightly different and much more effective than plain content marketing that we have been looking at for sometime.

While value and relevance are targeted in both approaches, context marketing is much more strategic; ensuring that the likelihood of acquiring satisfied customers is very high.

There is Enough Reason for Contextual Marketing to be More Important than Mere Content Marketing

Customercontext is the term of the future, plainly because of the way customers react to the content in the presently connected world.

The number of messages in different forms that customers are exposed to every minute is humungous. This means that most of the content is going to be ignored unless it catches attention owing to a certain context.

In order tochrun content that matters to your customers, marketers must ensure far beyond mere customer segmentation.

Sending messages in context ensures that customers are well connected to your brand, and theyare able to portray the right attitudes for longer periods ensuring brand loyalty.

By getting to the core of contextual data and ensuring that customerrecognition has been carried out, marketers can ensure high-quality customerexperience.

Most of all, marketers can ensure that by pushing out highly relevant information tailored according to buyerpersonas, they will be ruling out the possibility of being ignored by their target market.

Here’s Why Contextual Marketing is Going to Rapidly Cover Ground

Marketers are observing customer behavior extremely closely. The competition is not about getting more content to a large group of audience. Rather, it is about providing useful content in the right context.

According to Teradata survey, as many as 90{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} marketing professionals out of the 1500+ group of professionals, was of the opinion that even segmentation is a thing of the past. The future is about thinking in context and in real-time.

Marketers realize that Big Data is the ideal grounding on which to base their customer analysis. Overcoming challenges related to security, human resource, funding and technology would provide the desired customer view.

So Make the Move from Plain Content Marketing to Insightful Contextual Marketing

It’s true; you will not move an inch in this competitive digital landscape without banking on contextualmarketing. But that does not mean you can do away with content marketing altogether.

With contextualcontentmarketing you are able to more appropriately tune into the tastes and preferences of your customers for the best buyerjourney.

Giving the right recommendations at the right time along the buying experience as well as pushing alerts and notifications that matterensures a customer experience that they can cherish.

Finally, basing these content snippets on the attitudes, needs, preferences and motivations of buyers is the key to customer satisfaction and delight.

A strategy along these lines,carved using the best interactions and engagement using contextualdata ensures precision every time.

Contextual Marketing Can Lead to the Best Goal Oriented Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an ongoing process and the more relevant the feedback loops, the better it is for developing a brand image that fares well.

A well planned contextual content marketing plan ensures that marketers get the right tracking information during their campaign.

Eventually, a thorough understanding of customer emotion, response or action results in an effortless buy decision.

Contextual Marketing is a Full Plan Rollout for Maximum Conversions

Contextual marketing is a much-focused approach deployed under the right circumstance, at a time when shoppers are most receptive to the marketing message.

By getting their attention for the right reasons, marketers have figured out an approach that identifies with not the demographic, but rather the emotional state of their most prized consumers.

In the digital marketing arena today, such an approach is the sure shot pathway towards instant conversions.

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