Give that gym a miss and work out at home instead, like a Pro! (Rank Princess-SEO)

If you’re someone who has been working out at home, there’s no one better than you who knows how convenient and effective it is. If you can resist the temptation of turning on the TV or cuddling in your soft couch, working out at home could turn out to be the best thing for you.

Men and women are from different planets, they say. When it comes to their workout preferences, we can agree with that. While most men prefer pumping iron in the gymnasium, women would rather do yoga from the comfort of their homes. So whose fitness regime is better, you ask? Well, no one-size-fits-all, but each person stands to benefit from the experience of the other.

Recent surveys suggest most women no longer are in the pursuit of finding the motivation to drag themselves to the gym; most of them are now happy to work out at home instead. So what then has caused this shift in the pattern? Let’s find out:

Saves travel time

Modern women are multitaskers – they play multiple roles during the day – that of a wife, a mother, a homemaker and a working woman. She leads an extremely busy life and every minute of her time is very important for her.

Working out at home saves a tremendous amount of time for the quintessential modern woman. She doesn’t have to wade through mad traffic which is an unavoidable byproduct of modern cities nor travel long distances just to get to a far-off gym.

Working out at home can be fun too

Technology is evolving every single day. And so are the options for working out at home. There are a plethora of mobile applications, fitness DVDs and game consoles available today. Not only do they make working out interesting but they help you achieve desired results in a very cost-effective way.

Home workouts allow you to wear what you want to

Workout in your comfortable pyjamas, wear your geeky glasses or that drooping t-shirt, without any hesitation. You can wear what you want to, for nobody is judging you for what you’re wearing.

Also, save yourself from shopping for that dreaded spandex.

You can split your workout throughout your day

For women who have small children or a husband who need them all the time for tiny things, finding even thirty minutes of uninterrupted workout time can be quite a challenge.

Instead of not working out altogether, wouldn’t it be better if you work out for short periods of 10-15 minutes each?  Working out at home gives you the flexibility to do so.

It is easy to do a short uninterrupted meditation

It is a good practice to meditate for a while after every workout session. And we bet you can never do that at the gym. Workout from the comfort of your home and end your workout session with a short meditation.

Spend some time in your kitchen doing some thoughtful thinking

Eighty percent of our fitness is directly dependent on what we eat. We’d do much better if instead of thinking so much about our workout routine, we spent some quality time in our kitchen thinking and preparing a nutritious meal.

Who needs the StairMaster when you have the actual stairs?

Your home has the potential to give you a brilliant cardio workout. Run up and down the stairs, pull out that skipping rope, and dance as if no one is watching or do some yoga exercises – options are plenty.

Germ infected machines of the gym aren’t for you

Women, those of you who want to lose weight and aren’t keen on going to the gym, you’re on the right track. Machines at the gymnasium are used by a countless number of people every day and may be laden with germs. As if worrying about tedious workout routines wasn’t enough, you would have to worry about potential infections too. Workout at home instead and watch the fat melt away.

If you’re finding sticking to your workout regime and consistently going to the gym difficult, why not design a home-based workout routine that’s easier to follow and is enjoyable? Here’s to a healthier, stronger and energetic you!

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