Grandmother’s Recipes for Good Health

There is a reason why grandmothers’ kitchens always smell delicious with an intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread or pie. It is because they are made from scratch, with locally available fresh ingredients, well balanced in nutrition, and of course with oodles of love!

More you pay for the meals, the worse they are! These are the words some grandmothers live by and with good reason. Why an expensive salmon dinner when you can get the same amount of protein from cottage cheese or red beans?

A hundred years ago, one in 150 was obese. Today sadly, it’s one in four. Experts agree that we should look into our Nana-Nani’s eating habits for healthy living.

Why start Your Day the Right Way?

Remember seeing your grandmother drinking at least two glasses of warm water when she wakes up? This and Tulsi tea with honey cleanses your system and boosts your immunity.

Our predecessors across the globe held food sacred. Having meals on time was religious than routine. Meal times affect the biochemical clock in the peripheral tissues including the muscle, liver, and adipose tissues. Skipping meals can also lead to gastric reflux or heartburn.

Why is it Important to Cook Your Meals?

It saves money. Little expenses spent on eating out can lead to a massive financial drain when in a crisis. Easy meals made at home like chicken soup and a slice of buttered bread contribute significantly towards your savings.

Chose ingredients to suit your body and lifestyle and cook them in the manner that is right for you and your family. Dangerous chemicals are added in commercial food to make it appealing and increase the shelf-life. Very often, you will find cryptic numbers listed as preservatives and colors that are harmful.

In the olden times, everyone had a role in the kitchen. It brought the family together, and children learned to respect food as well as were taught independence. Home-cooked leftovers from a meal were turned into something delicious (leftover veggie roll anyone?).

Is Exercise Overrated?

What and how much you eat have a greater influence over your general well-being. Resting calories are energy you burn when doing daily activities like sitting or sleeping. Only 25{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} are burned as active calories from exercise.

It would make a world of difference if you shifted from drinking water to refresh yourself instead of soda with all those empty calories and perhaps walked to the store instead of driving.

Our grandmothers had a heap of options to quench that midday thirst and kill hunger pangs. Lemonade, butter milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit, nuts, and raw vegetables are just some of the delicious items you can stock in your fridge that is so much healthier.

How to Start Cooking?

Simple dishes like crock pot meals with rice, veggies, lentils, fish and meat put together in one vessel saves time and effort. Boost your immune system with these tried and tested recipes from your grandmother’s kitchen:

  • Little mace in milk keeps children’s bodies warm in winter
  • Daily consumption of ginger green tea with Tulsi will keep away colds and coughs
  • Mix and consume 4-5 Tulsi leaves in honey with 2 or 3 peppercorns to increase resistance to infections
  • Almonds soaked overnight and eaten with honey is your ultimate defence against fatigue
  • Dry roast and powder 100g cumin, 100g fennel seeds, and 50g fenugreek; and have a teaspoon of this with water at night before bed.

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