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Chef Maurizio Raselli Takes Over the Reins at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

The world of Italian cuisine is littered with some illustrious names and Hyatt Regency, New Delhi has inducted into its ranks one such celebrated name, Chef Maurizio Raselli.

Chef Raselli now assumes the role of Chef De Cuisine, or the Chief of Cuisine, at Hyatt’s La Piazza. This is in keeping with Hyatt’s desire to offer its guests the best of Italian cuisine.

An Early Fascination with Italian Cuisine

As a chef, Raselli is of the highest pedigree. He boasts of considerable expertise in native Italian cuisine. Much of the same can be attributed to his formative years growing up in the beautiful Piedmont region, which lies to the north of Italy. The region has always been known around the world for the fine wine brewed from its acres of vineyards and of course, the exotic food.

Growing up in such a culture proved to be a catalyst in turning young Raselli towards the art that is Italian cuisine. One of the better things about his arrival at Hyatt is his eagerness to introduce some landmark dishes that were unique to his native Piedmont region.

A Chef of Impeccable Credentials & Experience

Maurizio Raselli has a vast amount of experience with Italian food, and much of it has to do with the fact that he started in the business at a very early age; 16 to be precise.

His first job was at an Italian restaurant and since then, there has been no looking back. In addition to gaining invaluable experience as a professional chef, Raselli also added further weight to his credentials as a professional trainer by earning a degree in human resources. His range of work experience covers some of the most well-known Italian hotels in both Italy and around the world.

Chef Raselli has also been a student to esteemed Chefs like Giorgio Locatelli, Mattia Camorani, and Salvatore Di Carlo.

In his previous assignment, Raselli served as the Chef De Cuisine (after initially joining as an Italian Chef) at Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives. Before his arrival at Hyatt, Chef Raselli has enriched his repertoire of skills at some of the finest Italian fine dining places in the world.

At Hyatt Regency, Chef Raselli will assume a host of other responsibilities apart from being the chef in charge of Italian cuisine. Some of these responsibilities include managing kitchen operations, creating the menus, training of staff, making sure the highest degree of standards and procedures is met and coordinating with the purchasing and receiving departments to control overall quality.

A man of modesty, honesty and joviality, Chef Raselli’s arrival at Hyatt ensures the introduction of some of the finest Italian dishes to Indian taste buds.


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