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Hyatt Regency Welcomes it Guests to the Newly-Opened Regency Club Lounge and the Diplomatic Suite

A club lounge is one of the best places for hotel guests to hangout and unwind at and Hyatt Regency, New Delhi recognizes this fact very well. The hotel has recently opened to the public its very own lounge that is sure to prove as an ideal place for its guests to relax and have fun at.

A Stimulating & Yet Relaxing Ambiance

The ambiance is the heart of any lounge, and the Regency Club leaves no stone unturned in this respect.

Housed on the hotel’s sixth floor, the lounge is characterized by some great window architecture that makes for some of the most spectacular scenes of the bustling city of New Delhi beneath.

Adding to the serene and relaxing atmosphere are the lush green lawns and the pool.

A Great Choice of Refreshments & Leisure

Guests at the Regency Club Lounge can either start their day or celebrate a hard day’s work with the many refreshment options available.

Hyatt understands that its guests are the sort who still need to keep a tab on things even when they are relaxing and as such, provides complimentary high-speed internet access in its premises.

That apart, guests can spend time in the library, terrace, the communal dining area or even the living room.

Hyatt Regency is also proud to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art Diplomatic Suite to all its esteemed patrons. The suite is housed on the fourth and fifth floors and as such, offers a great view of New Delhi’s amazing skyline.

High on Luxury & Comfort

The Diplomatic Suite epitomizes comfort and luxury from whichever you look at it. Right from its exquisite design that mirrors a residential setup, to a living room layout that encourages guests to feel comfortable and cozy; the suite extends immense warmth to all its guests.

Adjoining the living room are a dining room and a contemporary study room. The bedroom allows for desirable levels of natural sunlight to trickle in while offering a fantastic external view.

Thoughtfully Done Interiors 
The residential feel of the suite is carried into the interior design. The right amount of colors and suitable palette are employed for the best effect. There is also a small bar and pantry that serve to entertain any guest visitors.

Some of the other notable features of the Diplomatic Suite include elegant leather chairs, silk fabric wall paneling, silk weave carpeting, Indian motif detailing and walls adorned with some selected art pieces.


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