How an Idea Made this Firm into a One-Stop Payment Solution (Rank Princess – SEO)

PushPay is a New Zealand based payment solution that proves to be more than just that. In 2011, PushPay was just an idea conceived by a man who, like many of us, had trouble making a payment. That idea has transitioned into a rapidly growing commerce exchange platform in just six years. Apart from empowering businesses, Pushpay also functions as a donation platform for various non-governmental organisations and churches across New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

What Sets them Apart from the Other Payment Solutions?

While PushPay is a commerce flow facilitation platform, it also operates as a voice for churches and organisations who need donations for a cause. In this busy world, while most of us have the resource to donate money, we do not have the time. The co-founders of Pushpay, Chris Heaslip and Eliot Crowther wanted to eliminate just that. They have simplified the payment time to just ten seconds, which has made making payments an easy task.

Customer Friendly Monetisation

Pushpay enables a firm to contact their customer and thus establishes a good relationship between the two. This unique feature sets it apart from its competitors in the global market. Small or big, business is a business, in the view of this multi-national firm. The signing up and payment process is simplified to avoid any inconvenience that the customer may face while making a payment.  

The Idea of Giving, Anytime, Anywhere

This innovative initiative taken by this firm has given it a high reputation among Churches and Organisations alike who have the need to be heard and helped. Over 6,000 churches have partnered with PushPay. A customer need only spend less than ten seconds or five in some instances, to donate any sum he wishes to support the cause of a Church of their choosing. The Virtual Terminal/Envelope Giving allows the customers to make credit card, debit card, and ACH payments.

Leader in the Global Markets

The products offered by PushPay are based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. SaaS expert Jason Lemkin describes the exponential development of the firm as a “hyper-growth” based on his evaluations, having grown from an Annualized Committed Monthly Revenue (AMCR) of $1m NZD to $10m NZD in just a year and four months since its inception in 2011. Currently, the AMCR of the firm is an impressive amount of $28.01m NZD. Added to this exuberant figure, this company had set a record of servicing $500m NZD in the November of 2015 which was a huge $300m NZD more than its money flow in March of that same year.              

Generosity Drove Success

In 2015, the efforts invested by the co-founders bought them the ‘EY Young Entrepreneur of the year award’. The US faith-based market saw the emergence of two young men who set up a global platform for them to be benefitted. This initiative to improve faith and aid their cause has earned the firm applause even from the neighbouring faith-circle in Canada. The Firm’s social responsibility has made an impact on more the 150 million church-goers and led to its generosity-driven success.

The Question of Security?

PushPay has a highly secure cloud trade forum. Keeping in mind the importance of Privacy, the security developers of PushPay have made the donating and exchanging process, an easy one. This ensures that there is no room for data hacking or fraudulent activities.

Financial Partners

The steady growth of PushPay attracted globally reputed financial institutions such as Pie Funds, ASB, Visa, Mastercard, Watercare, and AMP to partner with them. The Auckland-based cloud commerce exchange platform has become a SaaS force to be reckoned with. Apart from its prominent service countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and the US, PushPay has established its network across Europe, Canada, and Mexico. The top-notch quality of service provided by the Exchange platform is the key to their success. 


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