Incedo forays into Pharmaceutical Data Analytics services (Rank Princess – SEO)

Date, Place: Incedo Inc. pulls off yet another strategic business decision to diversify into MDM in Pharma. Pharma Data Analytics services are anadvanced way of helping the life sciences industry by combining human touch with technology.

Pharma Analytics services have shifted from descriptive prescriptions to predictive prescriptions. The world of analytics in pharma is fast latching onto the futuristic technology that emphasizes prevention more than cure. While saving lives is the primary reason for creating Pharma Technology, secondary reasons range from efficiency to cost reduction.

More about MDM in Pharma


Pharma Data Analytics services help in observing the patient’s current condition to predict the future course of their ailment. This, in turn, helps in prevention of the disease/disorder and preventing them from reaching critical stages, thereby saving lives.

Inventory Management

Since MDM in pharma is predictive, it allows the inventory managers to capture data in advance and store required SKU’s (stock keeping units). This indeed helps the organization to save a lot of time that goes waste in stocking and restocking. The permutations and combinations of Pharma Data Analytics allow the stocks to last longer.

Saves Cost

A lot of cost goes into making predictions about supplies and supply chains, adopting MDM in Pharma organizations saves cost by helping manage the costs effectively. Pharma Data Analytics help in predicting prescriptions, stocking SKU’s and in turn saving a lot of costs. This is possible as inventory is only supplied and distributed when required and not just kept in stores without any possible future requirement.

Right Place, Right Time

It’s with the help of MDM in Pharma that doctors are utilizing time slots effectively, vendors are selling medicines in the right areas and services are only being rendered when required. The whole process has become quite smooth and in synergy with every step of the process. The whole procedure has turned itself into a synchronized effort for saving lives.

Reasons to Choose Incedo

The Pioneer

Incedo has been a pioneer in the field of Analytics in Pharma and Master Data Management services. By combining Information Technology with Pharma, it has yet again proved that it is the trailblazer of innovative business solutions and the face of the industry.

Wide Expertise

Incedo Inc provides various services and solutions ranging from Pharma Analytics services to BI& Analytics services and Communication Engineering services. The organization has a wide range of expertise in varied fields that allows the clients to have a full range of benefits at the same place.


Incedo Inc. has established quite a name for Pharma Data Analytics in the US. Incedo Inc. has a large amount of experience under its belt. With various innovations and upgrades, Incedo knows what they are talking about.

Happy Clients

By serving the who’s who of the industry and being familiar with the big names of the field, Incedo has sustained a lot of happy clients. Incedo has become the flag bearer of Business Solution providers because of the kind of clienteles they serve.


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