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Talk business and we’re talking volumes of data generated and waiting to be processed. When it comes to a pharmaceutical firm, everything is on a whole new level. It is vital that a pharma firm stores and manages its data and this calls for Master Data Management, and Incedo Inc.

About MDM and EIM

Every business produces a huge volume of data on a daily basis and this is a result of all the organisational tasks that the business performs. The trouble arises when it istime to store and manage that data.

The solution to this problem is MDM (Master Data Management) and EIM (Enterprise Information Management). MDM and EIM are management processes employed for effective handling and processing of company’s data.

Incedo& MDM in pharma

Incedo has been in the business of managing company data for a long time now. When we witnessed the need for quality data management in Indian pharmaceutical firms, we realized we could make a valuable contribution through our MDM expertise.

Incedo’s excellent track record in Enterprise Information Management and Data Management in pharma means that our customers can outsource their data management tasks to us with absolute confidence.As a result, these firms can reduce costs, save valuable time and improve decision making.

What we do best – MDM in pharmaceutical industry

What sets us apart from the other MDM solutions is that we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to data management. We work closely with each organisation, understanding their dynamics and needs, and designing information management solutions based on that.

The following are some of our signature service offerings:

  1. Sales Related Operations

Inadequate management of company data poses a huge challenge in understanding sales figures of the firm and as a resultcalculating the profit.

At Incedo, we understand this and use our master data management experts work with our clients in aiding with their decision making.

  1. Product Launch Support

The life cycle of any product begins with its launch and this makes the launch of a product a crucial event. It is so important that sometimes the quality and scale of the launch is determinantal in the product’s success.

Since no two products are the same, Incedo works with the firm and designs a launch plan that would work best for each product. This is done by understanding the product, its nature, purpose and target audience.

  1. Research & Development

Every successful product begins its life on the drawing board, and in case of pharmaceutical firms, in the research and development labs.

Before the product sees the light of the day, it undergoes numerous developments and enhancements, and after a series of tests and clinical trials, the product moves to the next stage.

The information experts at Incedo understand this and provide technical assistance to the research and development division of the organisation.


About Incedo


Incedo Inc is an established name for data management and has served many clients through the years. Now, bringing its services to the pharmaceutical industry, Incedo Inc. aims to aid the life sciences industry with its Information Management and data management services. 

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