The Lazy Man’s Guide to Wall Art (Rank Princess – SEO)

We all have each of everything:  home, a desk, our gadgets, coffee mugs; you get the idea. But how many of those articles are truly ours? Most of us don’t consider giving our living space and our belongings some personality, and that needs to change.

You &The Crowd

No two people are alike. And we go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd and showcase ourselves. But somehow, this does not translate to our personal belongings. Rarely do we look at art as an instrument to facilitate and amplify our personality. And there are many reasons for that.

People have a misconception that they are not artistic and do not understand art in general. Others believe that acquiring and collecting art pieces is for the rich with too much money to throw around. That couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

The Breakdown

Art can be either ‘functional’ or ‘aesthetic’, and the definitions lie in words. When we talk about art that goes on the wall, we are referring to art that is intended to look good and improve the aesthetic value of something. We also call this ‘fine art’.

Design-based art is generally of three types: one-off paintings, prints and reproductions. Let’s run through each one of them real quick.

To Each Their Own

One-off paintings refer to the original pieces of work for which there are no copies. These are more expensive than the other types and may not fit everyone’s budget.

Reproductions are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They are made once and then copied into an indefinite number of copies, without an artist’s signature. They are an affordable option for somebody who wants to bring their room to life but can’t spend on one-off paintings.

Prints are the sweet spots between one-offs and reproductions. Prints can be made through many mediums such as wood or metal engraving, etching, digital printing, etc.

These works of art are rolled out in a limited number, and this makes them comparatively affordable. But unlike open reproductions, they have the artist’s signature and copy number.

No Wrong Answers

Whether it is an artist’s interpretation of the recent political issue, a quote from your favourite movie, or just an abstract illustration, there is a piece of art for everybody.

If something speaks to you, it deserves a place on your wall, and thanks to an army of creative thinkers and artists, there is no shortage of prints for every mood and theme

Developing Taste buds

If you are just starting out on your art collection, start with something simple and straightforward. The deeper you dive, the better palate you’ll develop and then start appreciating more abstract ideas and high art.

You noticed we mentioned ‘high art’ so let’s talk about that. The concept of high art is centuries old, and it refers to a piece of art that takes a cultivated mind to appreciate. High art is a very subjective topic.

Art that might be high art to somebody might be trash to someone else. Yes, we know, the world of art is a little wonky but filled with experiences. So get collecting and build your very own gallery. But before you proceed, we warn you: this stuff is highly addictive.

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