Why We Love Dating TV Shows (and How We Know You Love Them, Too!) (Content Princess -SEO)

We’re not going to lie: we kind of love dating TV shows. And judging by the still-high ratings of ABC’s veteran dating show The Bachelor (21 seasons strong), it looks like we aren’t the only ones.

Ratings for the 21st season of The Bachelor increased 11{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} in the 18-49 demographic over the previous year. People are still into it. And we know why.

The truth of the human condition is that we all want love. No, we’re not saying that there aren’t a million other things in life that can fulfil you, but we all want to meet that special someone. And it makes us happy, hopeful, (and sometimes jealous) to see it happening for other people. That’s why we occasionally love a good rom-com, and why we get sucked into the love stories unfolding on shows like The Bachelor, or its spin-off, The Bachelorette.

It’s Not a New Phenomenon

Of course, dating TV shows, and our interest in them, are not new phenomena. ABC’s The Dating Game premiered in 1965 and is typically considered the first big dating show. On The Dating Game, a bachelorette questioned three bachelors who were hidden from view, and based on their answers, selected one to go on a date.

This approach to matchmaking – the idea that you can determine romantic compatibility by asking a series of questions to get to know someone – tapped into something that is still relevant today.

We are Always Connected

Times have changed since the 60s. Our approach to relationships has changed drastically since even the 90s. The unique thing about being alive today is that we are always connected. Social media keeps us connected to our friends and family, to international news, and even to complete strangers (it’s ok, we stalk celebrities on Instagram, too).  

It’s a Small World

Technology has launched us into an age of globalization, and the world is super tiny. There is absolutely no reason to limit your friendship circle to your neighbourhood or your office anymore – in an instant; you can be video chatting with a friend on the other side of the city, or the other end of the world.

We Are Looking For More

And the same goes for love. We all want to find someone. But not just anyone; we want someone who is right for us. Thirty years ago, we were limited to looking for love within our social circles. People at work, in our neighbourhoods, friends of friends.

We might have tried our luck with being “set up” or spent a Saturday night in a local bar hoping to meet someone. A lot of times, these ventures were disappointing. Why? Reason being a good match requires more than just convenience. These days, we are looking for more.

Good News: We Have Options

The good news is that we don’t have to hold out hope of being selected to appear on one of the today’s top TV dating shows to start matchmaking. We have tonnes of options available at our fingertips.

At Twoo.com, we offer our users the chance to connect with people in their area who share their interests. It’s a great way to meet new people, discover new friends, and even find love. Sure, everyone wants to put a name to a face and see a picture of individuals they might connect with, but at Twoo, we know it’s about more than just looks.

That’s why offer users the chance to answer a series of questions when they build their profiles. Answering the questions honestly, ensures you will be matched with people with whom you’re compatible.

Jump-starting Connections

Dating TV shows are fun because they let us share in contestants’ journey to find love. Even though most of us probably won’t end up on one of those shows, we can still enjoy being along for the ride. Meanwhile, we can use our matchmaking tools to jumpstart our connections.

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