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Make way for the world’s only Intelligent Collaborative Distribution Network!

Exclusively focussing on Information Technology & Telecommunications


Hold on. What is an Intelligent Collaborative Distribution Network?

U&I operates the world’s only inventory less comprehensive distribution network. We channelise the available shared infrastructure so that resource wastage is minimised.

This may be a bit difficult to adjust your mind to in the first go, as this is something unprecedented.

Think of it this way.

When you go to a restaurant, the restaurant doesn’t have a separate chef for each of their customers.

They have one, maybe two main chefs who balance their time and ensure a balance of delivery time, customer satisfaction and profitability for the restaurant owner. I’m sure you agree with that. Don’t you?

Unfortunately, this isn’t what is happening in the IT Distribution Network in India right now. And U&I is here to solve this bleeding neck problem of yours.

The U&I Edge

Comprehensive Distribution
We have ties with 123 Distributers, 123 Vendors, 123 Retail Units and 123 Sales Consultants in over a 1000 Indian cities across all 36 states of India. And you can partner all of them by just fixing a call with us!

Real-Time Analytics & Big Data
Get detailed real-time insight and information across several metrics, about your industry, sales, inventory, competition and a lot more, using U&I’s proprietary CRM.

Advanced CRM
Use your advanced custom software (PC, iOS and Android) to track every single of your tasks, from inventory to dues payable and a lot more.

Manage Your Finances
Our software minimises your losses by hedging your cash flow and realising possible credit risks well in advance.

Local Sales Consultants
A country like India is a conglomerate of cultures. And the sales process needs to be tweaked from one district to the next. You get instant access to over 1200 sales consultants who are master salesmen within their respective districts.

Increase Your Sales
We help you sell more units by streamlining your inventory management and helping with accurate supply and demand forecasts using your cutting edge technology. Sell more units while spending less to bring in those sales.

Execute A Pull Based Supply Chain Network
This results in a more responsive and agile distribution channel that not only costs less per unit but helps sell more of them.

Promote Your Product
You’ll gain access to infrastructure and resources that will allow you quick, easy and economical product promotions and advertising across all 36 states of India.

Do What You Do Best
All of the above allow you to focus more on your product rather than trying to distribute it a vast country like India that is impossible for a small business or even funded startup! Leave that to us.


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