Major Breakthroughs in the World of Fashion

Fashion is something that not only changes from day to day but also is quite a subjective topic. What is a style for one person may just be an attire for a fancy dress party for another. But over the years, the world of fashion has evolved and refined itself into the glitzy and glamorous world that we see today.

Here are a few things and breakthroughs that have revolutionized the world of fashion over the years.

  1. Artificial Dyes

Your favorite red dress would probably not be your favorite if it wasn’t, well, red. In the earlier times, dyes were only obtained from natural substances, and while it was delightful (and possibly the only feasible) idea at that point, the natural dyes had weak staying power, and the colors soon became washed out and faded. Hence, when a British chemist accidentally created the first artificial dye ever—a mauve color dye—things took a turn for the better.

Artificial dyes are not only more economical to make, but we also now have access to a wider spectrum of colors, since not all natural substances could be successfully combined to give a secondary color.

  1. Cotton Gin

Cotton is probably the material worn the most around the globe, especially in tropical countries where summer season can be cruel and extremely uncomfortable. However, before Eli Whitney invented the miracle machine cotton gin, obtaining cotton lint from its plants was a severely tedious and cumbersome process. On an average, it took a single person a total of ten hours to extract one pound of cotton lint from its seeds. With the invention of the cotton gin, however, the production of cotton sky-rocketed in all leading industrial areas of the world. The USA now could produce millions of tons of cotton a year.

  1. Sewing Machine

While sewing stuff by hand fell under ‘precious handicraft’, it was a very long process, especially when the number of garments in question was large in number. The invention of the sewing machine resulted in a dramatic increase in the overall production rate of the industry. Produced in all shapes and sizes with a various range of functionalities, the fashion industry by storm with the use of sewing machines.

  1. Digital Printing

Dying is essentially an elaborate process, which also uses a lot of water that is rendered non-reusable. With digital printing, designs are directly applied to the fabric, resulting in an impressive 95{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} reduction in water usage, and also minimized textile waste. Also, with digital printing, a lot of intricate designs can now be created and transferred to clothes.

  1. Smarter Online Shopping

The online marketplace is where everyone goes to get everything that they need, and clothes are no exception. Online websites that sell clothes and accessories have hopped on the technology bandwagon, and now offer their customers smart tools that help them create a digital avatar of themselves, and pick and choose clothes that will look good on them. Such tools not only help shoppers make better choices but also reduce the chances of refunds and returns considerably.

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