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9 Signs That Show Your Marriage Will Last Forever

The eight letter word that keeps us all awake at night, marriage.

As with any other relationship, we are not handed a list of instructions while stepping into a marriage to tell us how it works.

No one can offer you a crystal ball which sees through to the future; however there are certain signs which prove your marriage is strong.

Here are nine signs that indicate your marriage will last forever:

1. You enjoy each other’s company

A relationship does not have to be all about romance. For a stable relationship to last, you should be able to have a good laugh together.

Treating your significant other to a date or simply trying new activities with them makes the foundation of your marriage stronger.

You learn new things in the presence of the person you love, all while having some light hearted fun.

2. You trust your spouse

Not being able to trust your partner at any stage of your relationship, leads to problems later on.

The key to a successful long-term relationship is not to hide things from one another. Being honest with your partner is.

3. You work as a team.

The factor that distinguishes marriage from other types of relationships is that marriage is a partnership.

Sharing your problems with your partner, be it financial or any other stress provoking issue, will make them feel like you are in it together.

4. You touch each other.

The role of intimacy is an element that should never be overlooked in a marriage.

The simple touch of a hand on the other’s leg or shoulder is more powerful than you think as it creates balance, and allows you share the one another’s positive energy.

5. You don’t hold on to things.

Keeping a grudge for too long is possibly the worst move in a relationship.
To understand that you can both make mistakes and move on from arguments as soon as possible proves your marriage may just be stronger than you think.

6. You express love via your body language.

As the saying goes, actions do speak louder than words, therefore, your body language will say “I love you” better than your words can.

Leaning on to your partner, kissing and even cuddling often shows your partner that you are responsive. You really do care.

7. You genuinely respect each other.

You are friends before anything else, which means that you like each other.

You can spend time with one another and value the others company.

8. You take his/her emotions as your own.

To be able to value your spouse’s emotions shows that you are there for them.

Empathizing with them helps to settle problems when they show up and reduce the chances of future issues.

9. You know how to patch up!

Making up is not just pushing down your problems because this does not tackle them.

The way you can come together after an argument and understand the issues which have been brought to surface prove your relationship is stable.


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