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Exciting technology now available at Modern Shades Solutions

If you are looking to update your single glazed window to improve your home insulation, then look no further than Modern Shades Solutions. The technology they are adopting is considered an alternative to double glazing.

About the new technique available at Modern Shades Solutions

The technology available installs on your existing doors and windows without the need for any major restructuring. This new system designed as an alternative to traditional double glazing which can often be expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming.

This new technology is referred to in the industry as ‘secondary glazing’ or ‘retrofit double glazing,’ has taken the industry by storm and millions of households and businesses worldwide have been upgrading their windows.

Traditional double glazing involves the use of two sheets of glass. The sheets of glass positioned so that there is a gap between them. This gap acts as an insulator; the gaps then packed with a dense gas.

Secondary glazing involves installing additional glazing to existing single glazed sheets of glass. There is no need to remove or replace the existing glass.

Retrofit double glazing or secondary glazing is one of the modern solutions to some of the downsides of traditional double glazing.

This technology adopted by Modern Shades Solutions has numerous benefits, some of which are including –

  • Noise Reduction
  • Temperature Control
  • Fits existing windows and doors
  • Energy efficiency

Let’s go through each of the benefits in turn.

Noise Reduction

Retrofit, double glazing technology, is extremely efficient in reducing noise pollution.

Windows are often the biggest cause of noise pollution due to the ease in which air can get through. This new double glazing technology can address this problem and has been proved to reduce the level of noise from outside elements.

Temperature Control

Secondary glazing has also been proven to assist with keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Since windows often allow air to get through relatively quickly, this also means that hot and cold air can dramatically affect the temperature of your home. This new technology has been able to solve this issue which means that you can remain comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Fits existing windows and doors

It can be expensive having to replace your windows and doors; this is often one reason why homeowners are reluctant to upgrade to double glazing.

The secondary glazing option available at Modern Shades Solutions has been able to eliminate the need to remove or replace your windows, which is usually the case with traditional double glazing.

Instead, the retrofit technology is quick and relatively disruption free and can be applied to your existing windows, so there is no need for major restructure work.

Energy Efficiency

Since this technology reduces the air’s ability to enter or escape your home through windows and doors, this can have a huge impact on your heating/ cooling bills.

Your windows will reduce the airflow inside your home. The result of this is that your home will be easier to heat and cool, which reduces the need for other heating and cooling systems.

Is this technology a modern glazing solution?

When you look at the benefits of secondary glazing, it is evident why it is considered to be an appealing alternative to double glazing. The biggest appeal being that there are minimal disruption and no major restructure work required.

However, as with everything, retrofit double glazing may not be the alternative modern solution it first appears to be. Compared to double glazing, secondary glazing offers at least half the insulation. There is also an increase chance of damage due to condensation.

Also, compared to double glazing you will find that secondary glazing is not as airtight. However, this does not take away from the fact that both double and secondary glazing is far better than single glazing, which offers virtually no insulation, noise, and thermal protection.

The benefits of secondary glazing compared to double glazing are price, reversibility, and no need to restructure your building. Secondary glazing is still considered an attractive solution to modern glazing. It is understandable why Modern Shading Solutions would decide to offer this service.

So, if you’re looking to improve insulation in your home and you would like a method which is efficient, cheap, quick, and will cause little disruption then why not consider retrofit double glazing?

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