Olympics-A Force That Unites Our War-Torn World! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Events abound in number that unite humanity. While some may be tragic, others may be festive. Whatever be the nature, few events linger in the collective psyche of humanity for long. Olympics is one such world sports festival. It lifts nations above hostilities and gathers them under one roof.

Forces that unite the world whatever may be the disparities are there in plenty. Tragic incidents and festivities are perhaps the most important among them. While some fade away with time, others acquire a whole new meaning. They stay in the collective human memory for generations to come. One such event that unites our present war-torn world is Olympics. Once in four years, it brings the entire world together. No war bars any nation from enjoying the world’s largest sports festival.

Here are the psychological benefits Olympics offer humanity.

It helps a nation forget a tragedy

The statement holds true specifically for Japan that survived an earthquake. The excitement that follows such an event is great. The preparation, the waiting; the process brings joy even to the downtrodden.

It declares; humanity is above war

If you are someone living in Israel; you are sure to know one thing. The unstoppable hostilities between nations thwart the dreams and aspirations of millions. Olympics are the only sporting event that gathers even warring countries together. Its history is such an inspiring tale that humanity cherishes it even today.

The event originated in Greece. Records say that rival nations signed a truce so that everyone can participate in the event. The war began only after the games were concluded. Olympians often send words of hope and inspirations to their countrymen. However, people often forget them in the midst of trivial complaints of corruption and other events.

It creates a developmental mindset

Any major event requires drastic changes in the transportation and other facilities in a country. The ensuing expectations uplift the collective psyche of the people residing there. Investors get excited because of the business opportunities the event presents. Surveys reveal that chances are the highest for an event like Olympics.

It boosts the profile of hosts

As mentioned above, Olympics gather the entire world into a single place. Quite naturally, it raises the profile of the hosting nation. The importance enjoyed in media helps a nation rise above petty differences. Clearly, the people of the nation forget hostilities and strive to maintain the dignity of their country. It is no doubt a genuine boost for the psyche of a nation suffering from long-standing war.

 Olympics instils patriotism

The desire to be treated as a dignitary in one’s country boosts the morale of participants. He strives to make sure that his country is the winner. The hostilities of warring tribes or organisations appear nothing to him.

The exciting thing is that the fervour stays long after the event is over. And, the person truly considers himself as a champion. An entire nation comes together to appreciate his achievements. The boost to try for the next event like Olympics is something no one can ignore.

Truly, Olympics is a force of an event to be reckoned with. It rises above war and gathers even enemies under one roof. Even hostile nations shake hands cordially; that is sportsman spirit.

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