Olympics and Its Uniqueness in Today’s Troubled War-Torn World (Rank Princess – SEO)

Every four years, countries from across the globe come together to celebrate and test the limits of human endurance. They push for excellence by competing against the best in the world. However, in light of the current political and social context, the games seem to gain new significance. Read more to know about the impact of various wars across the world on the Olympic games.

The last two years has changed the Middle East and much of the western world along with it. The Syrian crisis has ripped West Asia into bits and pieces with the powers that be, circling over the carcass of a brilliant civilisation like vultures.

Adding to the conflict in the Middle East is the situation in the host country. Brazil has been ripped apart over the last couple of years with political instability, economic uncertainty as well as a scare over the Zika virus. All of this taken together has created a veritable war zone in the middle of which these Olympics are about to take place.

What is the significance of Rio 2016?

For one, we have an emerging economy hosting the games, a move from the usual developed and industrialised world. The Olympics have almost always resulted in staggering costs, with the first ever games overshooting its budget by around six times of what was originally planned. According to many estimates, the costs for Rio 2016 are likely to go overboard as well.

Contrast the cost of hosting the Olympics with the current political climate in that country. Their president was forced to resign recently, on charges of corruption. Add to this political uncertainty, the fact that their economy has been in recession for the past one year, whereas they had been enjoying unprecedented growth during the years in which it had submitted its official bid to host the Olympics.

The Significance of War

The condition in Syria has resulted in a steady influx of refugees from that region into Europe. Never before have so many people been rendered stateless, since the Second World War.

While the Olympics have always been about bringing out the best in athletes representing their respective nations and fierce national rivalry of the kind seen in Russia, China and the United States, this time, the inclusion of a team of refugees has gone against that trend.

These refugees represent no nation and are united by their common identity of having no state. However, their stories are inspiring.

The Story Of A Swimmer

One of them, Syrian Yusra Mardini swam for a mile through the cold sea as she guided a boat to the Greek coast, as she fled her country for her life. Having had to shuttle between refugee camps across Europe, she achieved her personal best in this year’s Olympics. That one minute that she was there in the pool led her to forget her identity as a refugee and let her get into the skin of a swimmer, as it should be.

Why is Rio 16 a good thing?

  • By including a team of refugees, it has managed to send a powerful message across the world, regarding people and nations ravaged by war.
  • It has managed to act as a soothing balm to a nation rattled by internal strife.
  • It reminds the world the value of excellence.
  • It exemplifies the power of a democratic emerging nation.

Rio 2016 hopes to ensure that the Games ring true to the spirit of a faster, higher, and stronger sporting world.

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