Online Assessment is your New Mantra to Success

The problem with traditional coaching institutes is not only their hefty fees but also that their syllabus is structured in the same monotonous way for all students. We know this for the fact that all of us do not have the same pace of learning. In a world of rat race for good placements, online preparations and assessments are the new methods for more thorough competitive exam preparations.

The country is budding with top notch engineers, doctors, lawyers, leaders and many other professionals from the most sought after colleges. But even before they get into these colleges to be polished, they have to go through strenuous preparation to crack the many difficult competitive entrance exams such as JEE, AIEEE, CAT, XAT, PMT, etc. To tap into this opportunity, many coaching institutes have mushroomed. But before you enroll in any of the ‘100{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} result coaching institute’ have you thought about e-learning?

People have a lot of misconceptions about online evaluations; we are here to remove that cloud.

1. Myth- Online assessments are incorrect

Truth- Online coaching websites provide you with a vast number of options to go through, including papers of previous years along with answers. You can even mark the difficult questions and come back to them later. You can time your assessments accurately. Also, it will save your time from searching through piles of papers.

2. Myth- Online coaching is expensive

Truth- Most online coaching websites are free. Some of them are paid but for a nominal amount. You can visit and enroll for a free demo or pay only Rs. 500 to access unlimited academic materials or questions.

3. Myth- Academic content is old and not up to date

Truth- Online coaching sites keep updating their content every week. They even invite guest lectures on specific topics to explain the subject better. Some websites even have company specific preparation assessment so that you get maximum exposure to questions before your placement season begins.

4. Myth- There is no immediate assistance to clear doubts

Truth- Unlike traditional coaching institutes which have a fixed time, e-coaching is 24×7 available. You can drop the message to your tutors to get instant replies. You can also join forums and ask questions or get tips from your fellow e-classmates.

5. Myth- Loss of focus

Truth- Many believe that studying alone or in the comfort of your home distracts them. But in fact, you are saving all your effort in traveling and attending a class. You can easily redirect all that time to groom your knowledge for placements.

6. Myth- There are not many courses to choose from

Truth- Online coaching sites have a plethora of classes for you to follow. You can sign up for engineering or business subjects and at the same time learn new languages (a bonus on your resume). You can even search for company specific assessment patterns to have a competitive edge.

Goodluck with your preparations!

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