Ports-of-Call On Your Food Odyssey in New Orleans(Rank Princess – SEO)

If you’re stopping by in the ‘Big Easy,’ then there’s no way you can leave without having some of their iconic dishes. The vibrant nightlife of New Orleans is matched by its nourishing and mouth-watering food.

With roots in Creole, Cajun and French culture, the decades of sumptuous mixing of ideas and tastes has created a cuisine not only entirely new and fresh but also delicious.

If you’re new to New Orleans, then this is just the beginning of your Odyssey. Whether you’re just visiting for a couple of days, or you’re settling in for the long haul, you can’t miss the food.

Take a look at these five dishes you must try out, and some of the famous New Orleans restaurants you can try them at.

  1. Char-grilled Oysters in the Acme Oyster House, French Quarter: Seafood delicacies abound in New Orleans, with the seafood history going back to the 1700s with the start of commercial fisheries. While oysters are a common delicacy throughout the South, chargrilled oysters are one of those New Orleans specialities that you can’t find anywhere else. While you’re there, try their Seafood Gumbo Cup too. The New Orleans French Quarter is a treasure trove of amazing seafood restaurants.
  2. Gumbo in The Gumbo Shop, French Quarter: Gumbo is one of those things that show what a wild, crazy and delicious mix of cultures New Orleans is. A stew served over rice; there is no one true recipe for gumbo. Everyone has their own recipe. Sassafras and bay leaves are staple seasonings, as introduced by Native Americans, but everything else is a free-for-all.
  3. Po’ Boys at Parasol’s: If you’re in the mood for a quick (but filling) bite, then try out another one of New Orleans’ specialities. Po’ Boys are overstuffed sandwiches with cut potatoes and roast beef gravy. These first started being made during 1929, where they were provided free to poor, striking streetcar workers (hence the name.) So you’re eating a piece of New Orleans food history!
  4. Beer and Bar Food at The Avenue Pub: This may be cheating, but we feel any list with New Orleans eating places on it has got to have a good pub on it for newcomers who want to party the New Orleans way, and The Avenue Pub sure knows how to show you a good time. Discover 40+ beers on tap, each one unique, and pub comfort food the way only New Orleans knows how. Famously, the bar is open 24×7 so drop in whenever.
  5. Beignets at Café Du Monde: Beignets can be distinctly traced back to the influence of the French-Creole denizens in the city. To the uninitiated, they are a little like doughnuts, but they precede doughnuts. The dough is combined then fried, and the mound is dusted with powdered sugar to create the famous New Orleans sweet dessert treat. You can buy your beignet mix from them and try it out at home if you like it.

Visit Often!

It’s tough to leave New Orleans, and it’s tough when you think about all of the amazing food that you just can’t get anywhere else, so come back whenever you can.

Live with good music, great food and a wonderful life in New Orleans.


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