How Pushpay Went to Church & Mobile Payments Became as Easy as Breathing (Rank Princess – SEO)

On a beautiful Sunday a few years back, New Zealander Chris Heaslip was sitting in his church with his phone in his pocket and not much cash in his wallet.

It was the helplessness of not having enough cash to donate at the moment that made the realisation hit Heaslip- what if giving money to the church were as simple as buying a song on iTunes? What if having cash at hand was no longer a requirement, and cashless payments weren’t a heap of fear and complexity anymore?

Soon after, Chris Heaslip and Eliot Crowther founded Pushpay in 2011. They expect to achieve annualised monthly revenue of $100 million by late 2017.

Pushpay Is the Easy Way to Give

The Pastor of Experience Church, Dennis Cummins, was astonished by the 1000{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} increase in the donation numbers, so much so that he decided to rerun the figures because he didn’t believe the calculations the first time.

Cummins isn’t the first, and his Church isn’t the only one to benefit from a faster and easier payment facilitating application. Church’s Pushpay reviews are mostly flooded with appreciation. With its services available in about fifteen countries, Pushpay dominates a good part of the faith sector of the USA.

The Ten-Second Giving Experience

The eChurch app by Pushpay allows the registered churches to create their branded app and customise it per their infrastructure.

It promises a ten-second giving experience, allowing people (customers/charity donors) to pay the merchant/church of their choice any particular amount of funds with the minimum possible hassle.

In the US, thirty of the largest hundred churches from the top employ Pushpay. The company has processed as much as $1 billion in a year at a time.

When Pushpay Almost Didn’t Exist

Back in 2011, Pushpay contacted the large churches of New Zealand to run trials for its product. With a somewhat rocky start that marks the realisation of every novel idea, the firm managed to raise enough capital to expand its business to Australia, and then to the USA.

Pushpay was rolling.

Then came 2013. The company ran out of funds. Heaslip sat down in front of his staff and apologised. The firm had no money to provide salaries to its employees. He felt he had let his workforce down.

Heaslip recalls that fateful day as the single hardest of his entire existence.

The sincerity, however, was rewarded. The staff chose to stay. Soon after, New Zealand riches Peter and Christopher Huljich took an interest in Pushpay. Heaslip and Crowther were handed an investment of $2 million.

Fast forward two years and Pushpay was taking the faith industry by a storm, reaching Canada and other countries.

Founded out of Frustration, Pushpay Had Its Moments

The company was ranked at the top in the 100 Hot Emerging Companies List in 2015. Crowther and Heaslip received the EY Young Entrepreneur of The Year award the same year.

Chris Heaslip, during one of his public appearances, called Pushpay the 15th among the set of ideas that he was working on at the time. He recalled the insane amount of determination, willingness, and hard work it took not to give up and keep learning and adapting.

At the time, Pushpay has more than 5200 merchants, most of which belong to the faith sector. It provides its services to five out of the top ten churches in the US. Pushpay Redmond and Pushpay Auckland headquarters watch over the handling in the USA and New Zealand respectively.

Pushpay careers saw an increase in its staff headcount by 33 per cent. It is working to become a part of additional digital payments to various other organisations in other zones.

Despite creating a service so thoughtful and seemingly flawless, Heaslip considers his workforce as their greatest asset, stressing on the paramount significance of having the right kind of people at the right point in the journey of any firm.


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