The Steps to Becoming an Advertising Copywriter (Rank Princess)

The Steps to Becoming an Advertising Copywriter

Writing copy for advertisements can be an exciting job. Copywriters may work on several kinds of customer accounts. This is a great protection against work becoming dull. While there might be tight deadlines, there is great scope for creativity and fun.

And we need good advertisement copywriters! We could do with more witty lines that make us laugh, or cry. Simply watching language and knowledge coming together in a great way is a pleasure. So all you aspiring copywriters, march on!

Let your creativity flow

Saw an advertisement that you thought could do better? Had an idea for your favorite running shoes? Thought of a better pun than the company’s original you scoffed at? Let it grow, write it down! Let what is around you stir you.

Read a lot and expose yourself to all the ways words can be played around with. Try to come up with clever ways to describe something. Think of analogies. Create puns. Let your mind be abuzz with words and wit. This is a great exercise for the brain in fact.

What to do with all that talent!

If you’re a student, try landing copywriting work online and do freelance copywriting. This is a great space to learn the minutiae and work on your own skills. You will be able to see what you were missing and what you are doing well. If your work is good, you will develop the confidence to move to bigger platforms. If not, take it easy and give yourself time to develop gradually.

An internship in copywriting is a welcome step in the plan to become an advertising copywriter. But also try to get employed in an advertising agency eventually. That will expose you to better experience and progress opportunities.

Your portfolio is your best friend

Most importantly, whatever you do and wherever you do it, keep a record of your work. This is your portfolio. You can build a tangible file or book of your work. But you will inevitably find that having a portfolio on the web is a must. This is the age of the internet after all.

Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn are commonly used web spaces for displaying portfolios. But having a separate all-my-own website is also a good idea. Make sure to have a link to this website in your other accounts. It gives a sense of being in control of, and owning your work. It shows you are serious about it. And if your work is really good, it looks best on its own, personal website.

You can do it!

Even if you think you don’t have a natural flair for writing interesting copy, don’t lose faith. There are some things that you and any aspiring copywriter should be doing:

• Reading as many advertisements as you can.
• Reading in general; it helps.
• Perceiving reactions of people around you- friends, family, or strangers at the bus stop.
• Keeping up with the internet’s reaction.
• Learning how to grasp the essence of what is to be advertised.
• Learning how to get the essential message across in a catchy, concise and effective manner.


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