Does True Image make Acronis the Best Cloud Storage Vendor? (Rank Princess)

Does True Image make Acronis the Best Cloud Storage Vendor?

The advent of Cloud Storage systems has made archiving vital information a piece of cake. The threat of losing important data in natural or accidental hazards has reduced considerably.

But what is not easy is choosing between many options available for Cloud Storage. With Carbonite, IDrive, Crashplan, Acronis vying for top positions, it’s all a question of necessity.

People should realize that Cloud Storage is a different concept as opposed to Cloud Backup. Cloud Storage deals with storing data manually into folders. But Cloud Backup performs a periodic backup of your system onto the cloud without manual intervention or repetition of existing data.

Acronis is one such Cloud Storage vendor taking great strides in this domain. With its True Image Software, Acronis is competing for the top slot.

Facets of Acronis’s True Image software

Established in 2003, Acronis has multiplied its customer base to 5 million customers expanding over 500,000 businesses. True Image is their software product that allows subscribed users to smoothly backup their hard drives to the cloud and recover them as well.

True Image creates a disk image of the hard drive. This can be easily restored to a different device to precisely the same state as the previous drive. It also facilitates partition resizing and disk cloning if the new device is a different capacity.

It offers unlimited local or online cloud backup and is even available on cell phones and tablets. All these services provided at very reasonable prices.

Taking a look at the efficiency of True Image

Acronis boasts of a customer-friendly user interface where just the click of a button starts the backup. Along with ease of use, it also features incremental backup. So after completing the first backup, all the next backups capture only the data that have changed ever since.

It rules out some of the system files like pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys to save system space. Encryption keys are available to ensure security. True Image has high backup speed, but the recovery speed is a small let down.

Troubleshooting and Customer service availability

Acronis provides some FAQs and tutorials that help the user troubleshoot and gain a complete understanding of the product.

There is no telephonic customer service available which causes a small inconvenience. But that can be overcome to some extent with the help of their email or live chat supports.

Pros of True Image software

• Unlimited cloud storage and backup provisions
• Ability to schedule a backup and specify the files to be excluded
• Total restoration performed even in the event of a complete system failure
• Secure encryption keys to protect files from unwanted authorization.
• Upon shutting down the system, it automatically resumes backup from where it left off
• Retrieve all data stored on one account from different machines anywhere anytime

Cons of True Image software

• Recovery of data is time-consuming
• No telephonic customer support
• Involves paid service for issue raised

Is True Image the best among Cloud Storage services?

Basically, it is all a question of necessity. If one is looking for cheap services to backup gargantuan data then True Image is the product for them. It is highly recommended for consumers looking for duplicating entire hard drives effortlessly.


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