Helping Your Team cope up with the Fear of Data Analytics (Rank Princess)

Helping Your Team cope up with the Fear of Data Analytics

Data Analytics is one complicated word haunting software folks since quite a few years now. And the time has come to give up these fears and tackle the subject head-on.

Understanding the jargon – Data Analysis

As the name suggests, it is simply the analysis of the data at hand. It takes raw information and draws conclusive patterns. Now this data can come from various fields.

For e.g. Credit Card companies and banks evaluate their customer’s spending and withdrawal patterns to detect and prevent scams. Online marketers keep a tab on navigation trends to determine the products and services sort out the most.

Data mining is one of the methods used that goes beyond the basic analyzing of data and identifies patterns. Business Intelligence aims at concentrating and averaging the data into useful information for the business.

So basically by analyzing consumer information, companies can make informed decisions on their business. Data Analysis is also used in proving or disproving scientific theories and models.

Some quick tips to shed all apprehensions surrounding analytics of data

• Understand the basics: People need to first comprehend the meaning of Data Analytics and break it down to the smallest morsel.

• Scrutinize the data at hand: Next the records existing with the company should be examined carefully.

• Imbibe and inculcate the changes: Observe the change in trends and preferences and adjust the data accordingly.

• Do not neglect the obvious factors: Seasonal and geographical changes should always be considered.

• Discussions: Dialogues with team members can come in handy while understanding the data.

Settling the fears regarding bulk information, the focus can be shifted towards various analysis techniques

• Define the goals: Be wary of the precise information needed and focus solely on the objective.

• Optimization: This involves omitting the unwanted data and optimizing the huge information base. Decide whether you need the data to be in a structured or unstructured way and act according to it.

• Sorting: Tidy up huge amounts of data so that they are easily filtered. All the information should be effortlessly accessible.

• Algorithms and Tools: Utilize the readily available free tools and software for data sorting and comprehending. Employ data mining tools, predictive analysis methods to ease the load.

• Flexible models: Make sure that the models created to analyze information are flexible enough for future developments.

Data Analysis is a challenging field which is sort after by multinationals and start-ups alike. Once teams wrap their heads around the concept of Data Analytics, it no longer seems a scary topic. With proper education on the concept, professionals can master the art of analysis.

However, there are few hurdles holding back companies from making the best use of it. Technologies to assist in the study of vast data come expensive. There is also the inability of trainees to learn the nuances of information understanding.

Hence, large firms can incorporate Data Analysis into their domains. It further leverages their chances of coming up with new and innovative ideas to lure buyers. Data analytics can thus elevate trade to a whole new level. So shed inhibitions and embrace analytics.


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