Unhealthy and Irrational – Bidding Adieu to your Relationship (Rank Princess)

Unhealthy and Irrational – Bidding Adieu to your relationship

Human relationships can be pure bliss when everything seems perfect.

On the other hand, it can get complicated when you tend to question yourself.

When relationships get unhealthy, they tend to affect every aspect of your life and this rule applies to every person. Every person needs to work on their relationship as there are two different individuals involved and when the relationship gets toxic, one needs to draw the line.

So, when does one do it?

When does a person say that he has had enough and needed to move on?

Sometimes it is tough for couples to admit that they are in an unhealthy relationship. They do everything that they can to get their relationship working again.

Admitting problems, seeking help from others and acknowledging the initial signs of an unhealthy relationship are key to resolving issues and regaining peace of mind.

These signs are a reminder to any couple whose relationship is no longer working or if they need to relook at some aspects of their love life.

Let’s see what these are:


One needs to trust their partner implicitly.

If there are constant occurrences of one checking the other’s email accounts or chat messages and then blaming them, it is indeed a sign of a cracked relationship.

Insufficient quality time together

When your partner seems to be spending time with his or her buddies every weekend, there seems to be some issue cringing.

Physical and verbal abuse

Abuse of any kind affects a person physically and mentally, and this is an alarming sign to let you know that your partner is an absolute misfit for you.

Everyday fights

Every couple argues and fights, but when you see that your fights are not stopping, and happening over the smallest of things, it is a sign that your relationship is heading towards the red zone.

Lack of transparency

There are times when you don’t want to tell your partner everything.

However, it is essential to have an open relationship where you communicate the key things.

One sided affair

To create a strong foundation of a healthy relationship both partners have to build blocks by mutually supporting and trusting each other.

A relationship is bound to go kaput if there’s only one partner putting in all the effort.

Lack of respect

Both partners need to respect each other for who they are and when this goes missing, it means that either the partner does not value you or doesn’t support the beliefs that you have.

One cannot just live in love if there is mutual respect missing.

Lack of physical intimacy

Physical intimacy combined with emotional love is very important for a healthy relation. The absence of any of this shows that the relationship is futile and lifeless.

Trying to fix your personality

There are couples who want to change each other’s behavior, style, personality, etc. And by doing this, they are looking for ways to fix their partner. This shows that the rela tionship is void of respect for each other.


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