10 Companies That Are Way Ahead Of Their Time in Copywriting Advertising (Rank Princess)

10 Companies That Are Way Ahead Of Their Time in Copywriting Advertising

There is so much written material around us that people are very selective about what they read. They are indifferent to or annoyed with the written word unless it catches their attention. Good copywriting is indeed, an art which needs to be mastered in such a scenario.

Copy, copy everywhere

Copy is everywhere; everywhere. Some companies have managed to stand out in the sea of copy with their refreshing copywriting. What makes them worth our precious time? The most liked copywriting always has some or all of these features:

• getting the essential message through in few words
• humour
• straightforwardness
• simplicity
• consistency

Here’s a list of ten companies that have been doing a great job of copywriting.


Innocent is a drinks manufacturer. The highlight here is the, shall I say, innocence of their copy. From their site navigation options to their product descriptions, everything is refreshingly simple and straightforward.


After you’ve read EAT24’s job description, you would’ve giggled at least thrice. That is how cool they are. Their ‘About’ page is light and straightforward. Within the first paragraph itself, they declare the most important information. One would know they’re here to handle their customers well and better the takeout service.


UrbanDaddy has got its hands on some of the best copywriters. They maintain a funny-yet-informative style in every piece of copy they write. You will not find them beating around the bush. They arrive at the point quickly instead of dragging readers in with suspense.

They can make you pay more than two second’s attention to their emails. How, you ask? Catchy subject titles, that’s how. You are in a hurry, and you want to scroll past to that email from your lover. But then your brain registers the words, “Losing this umbrella is nearly impossible”. How can you not click?


GymIt cleverly conveys its main idea through its catchy tag-line “get in, work out”. They want customers to be able to work out without any unwanted side features. They elaborate this in a short, straightforward paragraph – an admirable feat.


Copywriters at ModCloth seem to enjoy stringing together words into quirky names for their products. They are also great at whipping up engaging scenarios as product descriptions. One might just buy that skirt just to live out that imagination.


Hipchat is immediately likable due to the creative twist in its copywriting. They incorporate the characters of The Office and copywriting is done keeping in mind their personalities. While being entertaining, they effectively communicate what they want to say to the readers.


Dropbox is noticeable for its simplicity, and the copywriting is in sync with that spirit. The clean, fresh look is accompanied with a few words that do their job very well.


It is a B2B company which aids businesses by developing products and services for them. Their twitter copy is funny enough for them to make it to this list.


Trello is an app designed to help people organize and manage projects. These can be day to day activities or something more complex. The copywriters have done a great job of keeping it simple and clear-cut.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid travel gets points for having spot-on descriptions. They have various packages according to different kinds of travelers’ preferences. Their copy, in a few sentences, conveys the nature and perks of the package.


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