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Memphis MOJO is a very active blogger who juggles his time between Memphis and Florida.

What will strike you when you first MM’s blog is his love for images. You’ll probably find his blog to be as much about pics as the actual content itself.

His writing style is crisp and clean. He writes to the point. And that makes his posts a light and casual read.

He talks about more than merely Bridge or Poker, unlike what the URL suggests.

His blog also talks a great deal about sports, fantasy and otherwise; Boom beaches and of course, photography. His love for photography is evident from the many pics on his blog.

Most of his blog posts don’t have too much content. But they are well structured and illustrated with suitable pics. And that really adds to the reader’s overall experience.

He has paid great attention to detail and yet managed to convey the right emotions about how he feels about something, by using colourful vocabulary. The blog posts are detailed without being overly wordy or complicated.

In short, MOJO has done well at writing a blog that has a tongue in cheek style humour and is witty enough to hold your interest.

P.S. MM’s recent posts about his Costa Rica trip really add a personal touch and interactive feel for you, as a reader.


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