Selecting Superheroes: Finding the Perfect Product Manager For Your Startup! (Rank Princess- SEO)

Startups mostly just begin with a simple idea, behind which there may be a singular brain or a whole team. The CEOs along with some designers and sales lead can easily constitute a startup, but the real person holding everything together is the product manager.

In case of a startup, the need of an able product manager is even greater because it is his or her motivation and involvement that will channelize the energy of the whole team; and by large the entire company. A novice in the game can get the idea shattered like a house of cards. While a great product manager will not only continue with the dream of the original creator but take it to even new levels.

Let’s have a look at some of the desirable qualities to look out for before you hire a product manager.

The Hero Your Startup Needs (As Well As Deserves)

While finding the right person, keep in mind that this is the person who shall be handling your dream project. The original idea of the company owner is very dear to them, and the product manager must nurture it as his or her own. There is no scope of backtracking in today’s world. The only way is forward. Always hire a product manager who fully understands the idea behind the company and strives to make it a success.

Be Just the Ticket

The person to be hired must gratify all the requirements excepted of their post. A product manager is like a bridge between all the team members. Therefore, he or she is expected to be multidimensional and have innate leadership skills. In addition to being talented at their work of managing the staff and product, they must also be able to think quickly and make decisions.

The CEOs and other higher officials may not be available all the time as they have to look after other things like promotions, fund-raising, meeting with other company heads, etc.  The product manager must be able to fit into the leadership role, seamlessly. All these must be assessed carefully before selecting a product manager.

Versatility is the Key

Working in the market can be a grueling at times, especially in case of a startup. The needs of the company, as well as the market, can change very abruptly. A person must only be selected if they are adjustable enough to absorb all the irregularities and still provide a good working environment for the team.

They must be able to adapt the company according to client feedback. A good manager must never shy away from incorporating any assessment or criticism to make the product better. While hiring, always keep in mind that a product manager is ultimately the one who can make a product better or worse. That is why it is imperative to hire a product manager with ample room for adaptability.

Smooth Player

Execution makes or breaks a startup. One can put hours of sweat and tears into an idea, yet everything can fall flat if the execution is not proper. The company should look forward to hiring a product manager who can choose the right path forward. And for this, during the selection process, the candidate’s level-headedness under pressure must be evaluated. There are generally many distractions on the way to success; however, a good product manager knows how to make the right choices. After all, it is them who have to manage the competitors, product feedback, customer relations and product marketing.

A product manager must be a multifaceted individual who can look after a lot of things in the startup. He or she has to be able to act as a leader and at times, a subordinate. Most importantly, a product manager must take care of the customer feedback and comments from the market, at the same time keeping up to date with the competitors. While all this seems quite a lot for one individual, but today there is no dearth of talent out there; and with a hint of luck, you can get the perfect product manager for your dream venture.

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