Seven Inventions to revolutionise the Lives of the Visually Impaired

The world of technology is dynamic and always moving forward. However, humanity has always ensured that those who find it hard to move along with us, are not left behind. The following list is a glaring example of that. Here are seven inventions which hope to help people with blindness lead healthy lives.

1. See Stick

See stick is essentially a walking stick with a few enhancements. These improvements have made an already useful tool more intelligent.

See Stick is equipped with several sensors that analyse the environment around it and send vibrations to its handle accordingly. This gadget is capable of warning the user against possible threats while commuting.

2. Lechal Shoes

People with blindness usually rely on voice commands from their GPS device to walk through the city. Lechal Shoes takes this idea a ‘step’ forward.

These shoes connect to your mobile phone using Bluetooth and come with vibration motors in the soles which would guide the user about the directions he should take by buzzing the right/left foot accordingly.

3. Bionic Eye

Bionic Eye is a high-tech piece of technology that enables people with Pigmentose Blindness to see the world.

This is achieved through a camera in the glasses which would be worn by the user, and a tiny device placed on the retinas of the user.

These two components capture a digital image and convert it into signals that the brain can process.

4. B- Touch Mobile Device Concept

This soon-to-be-reality concept device will be able to assist people with visual imparity to carry out regular tasks such making phone calls, reading books, etc.

This all-in-one device uses Braille, voice processing and visual reading technologies to perform the tasks mentioned above.

5. Braun Bell Mug

This mug was designed to prevent the burns caused by over-filling hot drinks into the mug.

This convenient piece of technology works by incorporating several sensors which vibrate and beep according to the level of liquid poured into the cup.

6.Feel-The-Time Watch

Individuals with blindness are dependent on either audio clocks or strangers to know the time. This watch aims to change that. It has two concentric circles with a tiny nub at each, which moves according to the time.

It allows the user to know the time by merely feeling the nudges on the dial of the watch, thus saving time and inconvenience in the process.

7. Braille E-Book

The trouble with braille books is that they are way bulkier and more expensive than conventional books. This makes it tough to carry more than one book at a time.

Braille e-book is exactly how it sounds. It can dynamically change the pattern and the texture of the braille letters on the screen, and also store a tonne of books.

Advancement in technology is continuously improving the quality of life for all of us, including the physically challenged. So we wouldn’t be wrong if we said that in the future, the difference in the quality of life of the specially abled and the rest would be minimised to almost zero.

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