Stained your Leather Jacket? Dhobilite to the Rescue! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Don’t worry. Getting stains out of leather garments is a tad laborious, but not an impossible task. At Dhobilite, we’re here to tell you how much your leather jacket will love you after our services.

Leather jackets are the statement for winters. But like with everything expensive, leather too needs care and attention. Whether it is suede, sheepskin or good old full-grain leather, there are different methods of cleaning. For minor stains on leather, just mix water and vinegar, and give it a good buff.

If the stains on the leather are more traitorous, or the garment more treasured – hand it to us. Dhobilite has professional leather dry-cleaning and restoration service, which gives your leather jacket back good as new.

The Last Word in Dry-cleaning

At Dhobilite, we use a plethora of clinically-tested safe cleaning agents to dry-clean your jackets to ensure that the leather is not harmed in any way.

Our experts know how to differentiate dry-cleaning methods for nubuck, suede or full-grain leather garments. Also, the dyeing of leather makes a world of difference to dry-cleaning techniques. Light and tan colours need a different hand in cleaning than full, darker shades.

You’ll Get Your Leather Jacket As Good As New

Whether your leather item is a jacket, a coat, motorcycle wear, boots, purses or bags – Dhobilite leather dry-cleaning and allied services know how to make it look and feel good as new. From making marks and stains disappear to touching up scratches, we’ve got you covered.

Colour Me Original, Baby!

Recolouring is a process in which we match the jacket to the first dye which was used to colour the item of clothing. Our leather experts include cherry-picked tanners who know how delicate recolouring is. You will get your leather biker jacket back looking like the day you bought the snazzy little thing.

Stitching those pesky little bits up

Over time, the stitching near cuffs and collars gets worn and frayed. We’ve all taken scissors to cut those little stragglers off, but the damage just gets worse over time. At Dhobilite, taking care of your leather jackets and overcoats includes expert stitching. We use high-quality stitching equipment and techniques to keep them smart and sharp.

Rivet Replacement

Your trusty sheepskin overcoat lost a couple of rivets during last night’s blow-out party? Worry not, Dhobilite has leather experts who will match and press those rivets in like nothing ever happened. Just to keep you looking oh so debonair.

Leather Patching and Zip Replacement

Leather and its variants are a lot more durable than fabric. That said, wear and tear do take place. We provide premium quality runs for all kinds of leathers. And a professionally restored patch does wonders for the look of your leather item.

Take Care of Leather, And It’ll Take Care of You!

Removing stains from leather is nothing new. They can be done professionally, restoring leather jackets to their first glow. But home remedies at best are good at removing 80{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} stains from leather. With time, the stain grows more prominent, and you wish you’d taken it to professionals earlier. With a regular dry-clean from us, your leather jackets and coats remain soft and supple for years.

Remember. For every spill, Dhobilite has a way.

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