Stained your Leather Jacket? Dhobilite to the Rescue! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Stained your jacket and can’t get it off? Well, blotched jackets or shirts are no more a concern when you can call Dhobilite at your whim. Can’t wash the leather jacket or get it dry cleaned? Well, don’t fret, because Dhobilite has got it all covered. From pick up to drop off we offer a complete package of cleaning solutions to all. And what’s more? We even have an emergency cleaning alternative that allows cleaning service within 48 hours.

What is Dhobilite?

Dhobilite is an efficient online cleaning service that allows you to maintain a clean wardrobe and an even more decent life with a busy schedule. We provide world-class garment care with a penchant to deliver the best services. We are an affordable platform that caters to your hectic lifestyle and offers added services like Pick up and Drop off of garments.

Why Dhobilite?

Dhobilite takes care of each garment as a priced possession. We understand that each garment is much more than just a piece of clothing and we handle it with utmost concern.

Our Services

We offer various cleaning solutions, such as these:


Tired of running chores all day? Well, cleaning is made easy with state of the art cleaning practices and detergents that are premium as well as gentle.

Steam Iron

Can’t get the wrinkles off of your favourite outfit? Well, we have got that covered too. Dhobilite provides a hassle-free way to deliver ironed clothing at your doorstep.

Dry cleaning

With ion-active technology that not just frees garments from stains and dirt but also helps you maintain a healthy bacteria-free life. The ion rich components don’t allow unwanted organisms on your clothing that could otherwise be a threat to your life.

Shoe Cleaning

We understand shoe-fetish and thus the concern for shoe care. Our athletic staff at Dhobilite is trained to not just clean shoes but to revive their textures and make it as good as new.


A bag’s worth more than what meets the eye. Therefore our eye for value and concern for care makes us the best at what we do. Dhobilite cleans your favourite bags and revives de-shaped leather to its original form.

Car Cleaning

A big boy’s toys are a priced possession, and therefore we look after it for you. You don’t need to drive it down for cleaning; we offer car cleaning service at your doorstep from basic car cleaning to meticulous dry cleaning.

Places of Operation:

Gurgaon (Gurugram)



Greater Noida






The Key Takeaway

The next time you have a stained leather jacket, don’t you worry as Dhobilite is just a click away. Garments can be picked up from the doorstep and are charged on a per Kg basis. Other services at Dhobilite include Car Cleaning, Shoe Cleaning, Accessory (Bags, etc.) cleaning and revival. There is also an option to create a Dhobilite wallet that makes the whole service pre-paid and hassle-free.

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