In a competitive business market, everyone wants to make a difference and offering free Wi-Fi is the latest trend.

Why offer free Wi-Fi?

Recently, the Wi-Fi revolution has taken the world by a storm, unlike the past few years. Today, restaurants of all types offer complimentary Wi-Fi to their patrons. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant alone but any industry.

The fundamental idea is understanding the benefits of offering the services. Providing a fast and reliable internet connection would be more advisable due to its advantages.

What are the benefits of free Wi-Fi to the customers?

Is there any real evidence of the advantages? Here is the answer. Here are some of the advantages;

  1. Security to the customers
  2. Nurtures community development
  3. Makes waiting time seem short

 Security to the customers

Room key cards have been replaced by facial recognition applications, therefore, increasing confidence among the customers. This has been made possible by fast internet connection.

Nurtures community developments

Free Wi-Fi access not only gives individual customers an excuse to stay around for your business but also provides reasons for groups to gather there and do something beneficial. The different groups might gather or frequently come into your store to have a free Wi-Fi access.

Makes wait time seem short

At a business where customers must wait for services, free Wi-Fi helps time fly. When clients are using Wi-Fi, they are less likely to be disappointed by time consumption in case a delay occurs.

Benefits of free Wi-Fi to businesses

Free Wi-Fi is certainly an added advantage to venue owners to attract new customers. Here are some advantages to the site owners;

  1. Email marketing.
  2. Promotion analysis.
  3. Increased spending.

Email marketing

Many companies specialise in offering free Wi-Fi through custom portals which provide their guests promotional information in exchange for their email address. The service does not only get you a new chance to promote your industry but offers the opportunity to send exclusive promotion code. You can also wish them happy holidays and simply thank them.

Promotion analysis

If there are no increased total receipts at your company, then you need to do something. Tracking your customers could be the only solution. When a promotion is done, more customers tend to come in, and this helps to identify whether there is progress in the total number of its clients.

Increased spending

When customers spend more time accessing Wi-Fi, the more is their spending. Research shows that clients spend 50{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} more time and some of them even said that it increased their spending.


A fast internet connection that is brought about by free Wi-Fi access does not only bring about the benefits to both the customers and the business but also helps in the management of the company. There are a lot of advantages in offering this kind of service and the probability of thrilling in your business is huge.

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