What Will the 76ers’ 2017 Lineup Look Like?(Content Princess – SEO)

As the year comes to a close, many fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are wondering what’s in store for the team for 2017. There are a couple of major players who are purportedly considering leaving the team, but also some potential for new superstars coming into the 2017 season. The roster projections have been all over the place, but now that they seem to be settling down, let’s look at some potential predictions for what the 76ers’ 2017 season will look like.

When Bryan Colangelo inherited the team, it was impossible that he would not make some significant changes. After all, the team’s record was 10 wins to 72 losses, a record that can’t stand for a chance at stardom in the NBA. He also got a whopping three first round draft picks, so that opened the door for him to fill the team with a winning lineup. He extended Hollis Thompson’s contract for another year and signed a few free-floating players: Jerryd Bayless, Sergio Rodriguez, and Gerald Henderson.

Who may be leaving?

There are a couple of players who seem to be fed up and wanting to move to another team, or hoping to retire. Nerlens Knowl, who plays centre or power forward, had a rookie contract which is now up, and his future on the team is unclear. He has experienced multiple injuries and was in physical rehab for much of this season.

Ersan Ilyasova also has an uncertain future on the team. His contract expires after the 2016-2017 season is up. After being traded for Jeremi Grant for the 76ers to have first round pick in 2020, he is the second top scorer in the team. However, he has also played for a while, and his contract is especially costly for the team.

Hollis Thompson, the small forward, has the longest history on the current roster. He has played for head coach Brett Brown for more seasons than anyone on the team. He is not one of the team’s most powerful scorer, but his game seems to be increasing, even while his court time is decreasing.

Who will fill the space in the 2017 roster?

The team has a pretty good chance of getting first round draft picks for the first three choices. It is currently estimated that the team will select for raw talent rather than make stealthy moves to improve future draft picks since they have such a good chance at getting top players this season. They will have an opportunity to try out for the team after the summer training is over.

The 76ers are pretty well known for picking up young talent, as they have in previous years, and will likely adopt a similar strategy. Colangelo has been mainly scouting from international teams to find players to bring into the NBA. Two major prospects coming out of the Euroleague are Vasilije Micic and Furkan Korkmaz. Young, tall players who would likely play as point guards could significantly change the dynamic of the team next season.

The 76ers may not have finished so strong this season, but there is an excellent chance that the combination of new incoming talent and a high position in the draft pick will lead them to a much better performance next season.

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