Why Ride Your Motorcycle To Work? (Rank Princess – SEO)

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The single most amazing thing besides our toys and cool gadgets back in the day used to be our bicycle. Do you remember the first time you took off without the learning wheels? How did it make you feel?

It felt more or less the same when you learnt to ride a motorcycle. But you got done with college, went on from doing a part time job that made you some pocket money to a full-time job that sees you as a professional. The suit and tie mean that you have to ditch your motorbike for something more luxurious, may be a car.

So you take up a loan and buy yourself a fancy pair of wheels. But what happens to your dear baby that now sits at the far end of the garage hoping to be ridden just like the old days?

The obvious answer is to ditch the car, ride the bike. Below are a few reasons why you should do so right away.

1)  It’s Obviously A Lot More Fun

Tell me you believe it isn’t, and I guarantee you that you haven’t experienced riding a bike at all. Motorcycles are the single most legal things on the road you can have a lot of fun with and not be given a ticket for doing so. Ride ’em, pop a wheelie or two when no-one is looking and giggle within the confines of your helmet while doing so.

2) It Saves A Lot Of Gas

It goes without saying, smaller the engine, lesser the mass. So your carbon footprint immediately goes down. You save a lot of money not only on gas bills but also on maintenance and repairs. It basically will help you in your long-term investment goals. To put it into perspective, the average fuel price of petrol in India is up to Rs.72/ litre.

Say you put the same amount of fuel into a Maruti Baleno which is the most widely sold hatchback in India (stats as per April 2017) and into a Hero Splendour which is the highest selling motorcycle/scooter in India (Stats as per May 2017). The average fuel economy stated by the manufacturer is approximately 18-20 km pl for the Maruti Baleno whereas the fuel efficiency for the Hero Splendour is 68-72 km pl as claimed by the company.

Hence it is convenient to say bikes save gas.

3) Motorcycles Are Cool

When was the last time you got a big thumbs up while you were in your Toyota Corolla or your Ford Ecosport? Obviously, your chariot will have people make a perception about you, that you are heavy on your wallet and love big things, but big doesn’t equate to better. It simply means you are taking up more space on the road than the other guy on a Honda CBR 250R standing right next to you at the red light. Anyone on a bike or rather most people on a bike look like objects of desire.

The combination of man and machine in such a tightly knitted package makes jaws drop, and women drool, regardless of the fact that the one riding it must be a complete nerd within the helmet, those few minutes of stardom is worth getting a motorcycle. And all this is even before you fire up that sweet sounding engine of yours.

4)  Motorcycles Are Quick

Splitting lanes, cutting people off, taking the leftmost lanes in the case of traffic and zooming past everyone when the car next to you is going slow, these are the few things that give you superhuman like powers while making your commute and overall experience a lot faster yet so much more fun.

There you go. There are so many reasons for a motorcycle to be your worshipped weapon of choice. So go right ahead and get the bike out of the dark end of your garage and give it a good wash. It needs your love and respect for what it is, and hence even though you are having a blast riding it, it is utmost important to ensure you are wearing a helmet and riding gear.

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